Thursday, December 30, 2010

Portfolio Fusion Magazine

Published again!! Woot, woot.

Check out the latest issue of Portfolio Fusion Magazine: The Artist's Issue.

Inside, there are interviews from a few amazing up and coming visual artists around the world. Take a look and get your copy today!

And thank you to the editor, Ms.Ruth, for taking the time to interview me! I recieved a ten page spread of my art work and makeup artistry work.

Portfolio Fusion Magazine

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New York | Part 4!

November 29th, 2010

On our final day, I was WHIPPED, tired, run down, and ready to sleep but we ended up working with Kristina one more time for a beauty video shoot.
No wardrobe stylist, no hair stylist, just lip balm and concealer for makeup: clean and simple.

After the shoot, we were not ready to go back to Chicago. We did a little more shopping at Urban Outfitters and grabbed something to eat on our way to LaGuardia Airport.

Fell asleep on the plane heading back to the midwest.

New York is so beautiful, so full of opportunity, so full of energy.

I noticed a difference between the Chicago and New York fashion scene. Some Chicagoans are judgemental and have already placed a 'personality' for each major city:
"NYC is so tough."
"LA is so posh."
This is what I grew up hearing for most of my life.

Ashley, one of the assistant stylists, asked me, "What is Chicago like? How are the people there?"

It was refreshing yet alarming realizing that at least one New Yorker hasn't placed ANY personality on Chicago.

At first, I thought no personality was the worst. That's the number 1 reason why models from ANTM get kicked off, the reason why people sometimes fail at job interviews, the reason why relationships fall apart sometimes: no personality. But I realized, this is actually a positive thing.

Chicago has the opportunity to create itself.
Chicago artists have the option to show the world what we are truly capable of.
Chicago artists need to stick together more than ever.


New York | Part Three!

November 28th, 2010

Day 3 of the New York scene and my immune system was going down. I wanted some tea, soup, medicine, or some type of remedy and just curl up in the bed. But it hit me when I realized I came too far to just back down and give up because of a cold. Sickness wouldn't stop me!

First model of the Day: Geli.

If you haven't heard about Geli, hold your socks.
Hold ON now!!

Geli is FIERCE.
Grace Jones type of FIERCE.
2020, vintage, futuristic, out of this world FIERCE.

The wardrobe stylist on set was Joy Adaeze. Joy also brought her assistant Ashley Clemmings and recommended to us hair stylist Myki. They brought so much energy to the shoot!! Looooooved working with them!!

Second Model was Nelly Munoz of Independent Model Management.

Nelly was so pleasant, so professional, so divine, and so sweet!!! Nelly was also one of Nuru's favorite models to work with. Joy brought a vintage dress for the first look and Nelly WORKED IT! She really brought the garments to life! Nelly showed so many angles of the hair and makeup, showed the dresses off so well, and the shoot went so smooth.

Here's a few photos from the stylist's Joy Adaeze's Blog:

Part 4!!!!

New York | Part Deuce!

November 28th, 2010
The night before, our 9AM model cancelled. We were freaking OUT until we went to Urban Outfitters on 96th Street. Almost all the customers looked like models!! We stumbled upon Lilija; she was wearing black eye liner lightly rimmed around her blue-green eyes, Nike gym shoes, her long hair tucked behind her ears, and an addidas t-shirt. We had a model standing before us. I approached her and asked if she ever modeled before, she responded, "No, but it sounds interesting."

This girl was visiting New York all the way from Iceland. She was alittle unsure at first, but agreed to shoot with us!

At 8:50AM, Lilija arrived.

Along with hairstylist to the stars, Kahlil Oliver and wardrobe stylist, Tamera Darden.

I thank Kahlil again and again for taking time out of his busy schedule to help out two Chicago folks with big dreams. Kahlil was so humble, polite, professional, and created the most beautiful hair styles I have ever seen. He makes hair look like SILK. He was NOT PLAYIN!!

The wardrobe was gorgeous! Tamera brought beautiful jewelry pieces and had inventive coordinations of textures, colors, and fibers for each model. She is amazing! She even took time out of her schedule to assist with the other models that came to shoot.

-Sneak Peak-

Next model, Kristina of Ignite Model Management.

According to Nuru: AMAZING!!!!!

I wasn't able to stick around for the whole shoot, but Kristina delivered beautiful shots from the film I looked over!

Final Model was Ashley Howard of ANTM Season 13.

I loved working with her! She was so funny, so energtic, braved the cold and delivered gorgeous shots. Kahlil worked his magic on her hair.

It was a great day! It all turned out so well.

Nuru and I ended up going to a Chinese/Japanese restaurant and stuffed our faces.
Later, we headed to Times Square. All I can say is OoooooooooooOOoooo M.G.

New York is so BEAUTIFUL!!
I have never seen so many lights in my life.

I caught a cold while I was out there. I was so mad I couldn't fully enjoy it, but still appreciative I was there.

Check the next blog! Part 3!!

New York!

I recently went on a trip to Manhattan, New York during Thanksgiving weekend with 18 year old fashion photographer, Nuru Kimondo. It was our first time EVER visiting New York. All I can say is:


I would love to live there!!!
I had the opportunity to work with hair stylists, models, wardrobe stylists, and random new yorkers that took a chance with us, that believed in our talents, took time out of their schedules to work with us and were impressed by our previous work.

November 26th, 2010.

We stayed in the Upper West side of Manhattan. I love the area; 10 minutes away from Times Square, few blocks from Central Park, people were minding their own business, it wasn't as busy as downtown, but busy enough. First place we went to was
Famiglia's Pizza.

BEST PIZZA EVER!!! Bonus: Famiglia pizza is all natural!!
But we were pretty hungry at the time, so any food would have sufficed.

A majority of my life, I've been told New York is 'tough' and 'rude', but I didn't get that feeling at all. Only one little thing: when I sneezed, not one person said, "Bless You."
I sneezed in a cab, sneezed in CVS, sneezed downtown, and I waited.
and waited.
...and waited.

Chicago has spolied me with kindness. I'm so used to getting 5 to 10 bless you's from Chicagoans when I complete just half of a sneeze.
Upper Westside New Yorkers I encountered don't say 'bless you', but I'm ok with that.

Another thing that tripped me out were the taxi drivers.
OH MAN! I had to put on a fake NY accent with an attitude so they wouldn't keep driving us in circles. If you look like a tourist, then THEY look lost, sound lost, drive lost, then all the money in your pocket is lost. 5 out of 6 of the cab drivers we had were a HOT MESS. Tell me why it cost $30 for a 10 minute drive? Makes no sense!! I never got into a taxi and they actually asked ME for directions. Three cab drivers asked us,
"How do you get there?"
I was looking like, "No you didn't just ask me for directions.

After the drama unfolded for the day, we stuffed our bellies and walked around to take in the scene. We were in awe that we were actually on the streets of New York. Around 2am, we went to bed to get ready for the next day.

November 27th, 2010
It was raining. Bad.

Nuru Kimondo usually works on location, but the rain gave us ideas. We had to think quick and work fast throughout the day. It turned out splendid.
We worked with hairstylist Catherine Miller and Fashion Designer, Larissa Muehleder, of Eminent Fash .
Catherine was very cool, easy to work with, and delivered gorgeous curls on the models!

Larissa was full of crazy energy and assisted the models on set!

Our first shoot was with model Christy Ai of Model Service Agency NYC.

Christy was wonderful to work with and had a smile on her face the whole time. When Nuru first started shooting, Nuru asked her, "Give me fierce poses!"
Christy responded, "Fierce? I'll show you fierce."
And she did!!!
Christy is an amazing fashion model. Book her now!

Second model was Emily (Emm) Balanzer of Epic Models NYC.

I love how Emily models! She swayed and cooed with the wind; Emily had her own style; she emulated what the designer wanted to perfection. Emm modeled head to toe, didn't forget about one little thing. Check her out on mayhem and book this girl!!

Third model was Sheila Johnson of Basic Model Management(NYC).

Her and I had been talking for a few months prior to shooting, so I was very familiar with her work and excited to try something new with her.

Stylist Sila Ozgun stepped in to dress up Sheila. She brought European inspired ensembles with a touch of class; beautiful garments and really hot thigh high BOOTS! Can't show you the full outfit yet. :)

Sheila was a trooper! She modeled in 20 degree weather! After a few hours, the team was freezing cold, so we had to end the shoot alittle early. We were so whipped by the end of the day!!

Check Part 2 for the rest of our NY Trip!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jorge Gera

I was able to do a test shoot with Chicago fashion photographer Jorge Gera and the fantastic model Catherine Ivette on December 14th, 2010.

Jorge has a really easy going, down to earth personality and is quite a perfectionist. He has to test, test, test until the lighting is PERFECT to his liking. He sends out his edited photos so FAST AND he's funny! He kept me laughing.

Catherine is so cute! I love working with her, she is a true sweetheart. I like that she tried different looks from different angles. She really worked it!

Here's a few shots from the shoot.

I love it!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cycle 15 ANTM Winner: Ann Ward!

So this is the NEW winner of ANTM.

Ann Ward.

I'm not hatin' and I'm not mad about it! Ann cleaned up pretty well. Have you seen her BEFORE pictures???



At first, I was thinking 'WHY DID TYRA CHOOSE HER?? She can't TALK OR WALK???!!"

*whispers* I seriously hope they give her walking lessons :-/

Even though Ann's body is lanky and 'unproportionate', I realized she represents how a lot of young girls are: insecure, unproportionate, unique, don't fit in with the 'normal' standards of beauty, but they could break the mold and re-define what true beauty is! I'm glad Tyra stepepd out of her box and chose someone unique.
This may shape and change the image of 'beauty'.

I'm proud of Ann!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

America's Next Top Model

So once October came, a flood of other things started to happen. Let's begin!!

So I had the chance to work with America's Next Top Model winner of Cycle 8, Jaslene Gonzalez. She is a very cool chick! She took direction from the photographer very well and we are all so proud of the amazing images we produced.

Big Shout Out (I feel like I came straight out of a 1990's sitcom saying that) to all the people that participated in the shoot, took time away from work, from school, even from their husbands to make this shoot beyond fantastic!
These were shot in Chicago, IL on Thursday, October 14th, 2010.

Model: Jaslene Gonzalez of ELITE

Photographer: Nuru Kimondo

Hair Stylist: Ziff Anthony

Wardrobe Stylist: Marta Cebrat

Jewelry: Angelica of Found Objects

Makeup Artist: Andrea Samuels

Photographer: Jabari J. Hunt.
He drove me and all my equipment to the location. Thank you Jabari!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ayona Lost In The Music

I was able to work with Chicago R&B/Pop singer, Ayona, and her 10 back up dancers for her second music video entitled 'Lost In The Music". The look was very edgy, slightly goth, very sexy, very Rihanna inspired, very Vogue. She is such a sweetheart! The dancers danced so HARD, they were not playin!!! The shoot ended up being really fun!

I almost wasn't able to make it because the video shooting was in Gary, IN. I have no car and everyone I knew with a car wasn't available for that weekend. By the miracle of GOD, the hairstylist, Ziff Anthony, had JUST enough room in his car for me at the very last minute. I was stuffed between the back seat car door and a giant cooler, but I was so happy none the less. We made it work!

Her creatively beautiful sunglasses & accesories were provided by Malachi Artese. Her amazing garments were provided by Kris Rey. Check them out!! They are rising stars in Chicago trying to do their thing. Gotta respect that!

I did about 6 different looks for Ayona and each of her 10 dancers had a distinct, avant garde look as well. Here's a few photos from the shoot!

The video was debuted at Plush Night Club.

Here's the video!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Venemous Villians by M A C

Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!! This is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

MAC has done it again!

MAC has collaborated with Disney and created this fun packaging with gorgeous, highly pigmented colors. I love when they team up with classic icons (Barbie, Hello Kitty, Fafi, etc.)

I'm heading there NOW to try out the lipsticks. Look at this!!! *screams*