Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New York | Part 4!

November 29th, 2010

On our final day, I was WHIPPED, tired, run down, and ready to sleep but we ended up working with Kristina one more time for a beauty video shoot.
No wardrobe stylist, no hair stylist, just lip balm and concealer for makeup: clean and simple.

After the shoot, we were not ready to go back to Chicago. We did a little more shopping at Urban Outfitters and grabbed something to eat on our way to LaGuardia Airport.

Fell asleep on the plane heading back to the midwest.

New York is so beautiful, so full of opportunity, so full of energy.

I noticed a difference between the Chicago and New York fashion scene. Some Chicagoans are judgemental and have already placed a 'personality' for each major city:
"NYC is so tough."
"LA is so posh."
This is what I grew up hearing for most of my life.

Ashley, one of the assistant stylists, asked me, "What is Chicago like? How are the people there?"

It was refreshing yet alarming realizing that at least one New Yorker hasn't placed ANY personality on Chicago.

At first, I thought no personality was the worst. That's the number 1 reason why models from ANTM get kicked off, the reason why people sometimes fail at job interviews, the reason why relationships fall apart sometimes: no personality. But I realized, this is actually a positive thing.

Chicago has the opportunity to create itself.
Chicago artists have the option to show the world what we are truly capable of.
Chicago artists need to stick together more than ever.


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