Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New York | Part Three!

November 28th, 2010

Day 3 of the New York scene and my immune system was going down. I wanted some tea, soup, medicine, or some type of remedy and just curl up in the bed. But it hit me when I realized I came too far to just back down and give up because of a cold. Sickness wouldn't stop me!

First model of the Day: Geli.

If you haven't heard about Geli, hold your socks.
Hold ON now!!

Geli is FIERCE.
Grace Jones type of FIERCE.
2020, vintage, futuristic, out of this world FIERCE.

The wardrobe stylist on set was Joy Adaeze. Joy also brought her assistant Ashley Clemmings and recommended to us hair stylist Myki. They brought so much energy to the shoot!! Looooooved working with them!!

Second Model was Nelly Munoz of Independent Model Management.

Nelly was so pleasant, so professional, so divine, and so sweet!!! Nelly was also one of Nuru's favorite models to work with. Joy brought a vintage dress for the first look and Nelly WORKED IT! She really brought the garments to life! Nelly showed so many angles of the hair and makeup, showed the dresses off so well, and the shoot went so smooth.

Here's a few photos from the stylist's Joy Adaeze's Blog:

Part 4!!!!

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