Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hot Mess Tranny!

Happy Halloween! I LOVE dressing up every year! :)

I call this makeup look, "Hot Mess Tranny" :)
As soon as I put on my wig, I swear a New York accent came out of me for some strange reason. Here are a few pictures of myself as a tranvestite I created for Ruben Lopez's Birthday Party/ Halloween Bash.


After(2 Hours later):

Products Used!
First, I used Kryolan Wax Stick to slick my eyebrows down.

Then, I used Ben Nye Latex so my eyebrows stay flat all night. I simply used my fingers and quickly applied them over my waxed brows. Make sure you work fast because latex dries fast!

Then, I applied MAC 3D Silver Glitter above, on and below my brows to create a much bigger, dramatic eye space. I applied it with a flat brush, and pat, pat, pat the glitter in place with a clear gel mixing medium from MAC.

I applied MAC Penultimate Liner in 'Rapid Black' to create thin brows above the glitter and a 1.5 inch crease on my tranny eyes. I prefer this pen liner over other pen liners for dramatic makeup because the felt tip is thick, so it covers a larger space faster than a thinner, precise tip. I also use it to outline my lower liner and to create an extreme cat eye on the ends.

I used MAC Pigments, 'Deep Blue Green' and 'True Chartreuse' to create an ombre' of greens on my eyelids.

I also used MAC Lip Mix in 'White' with a thin brush to create that sharp line in the water line and extended it to the outer corners of my eyes. Applied a white eye shadow to set my line.

Used MAC & Ben Nye Concealers & Powders with triangle sponges to create my face, cheekbones, jawline, etc.

MAC 'Silver Dusk' and 'Golden Bronze' Loose Powders for cheeks as well as highlighting my nose & chin.

MAC Cheeck Colors in 'Fever' to contour and 'Sweet As Cocoa' for mid tone highlight

MAC Creme Cup Lipstick and I overlined my lips :)

Who Run The World? Tranny's!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Maybelline Color Studio NYC

So I had the amazing opportunity to represent Maybelline NYC for 'Fashion Night Out' and 'Shecky's Night Out' during September and October in Chicago, IL. I even got to wear the official Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week T-Shirt (Yayy!)

So yes, I did technically represent NYFW, kinda sortof....
Although I was actually in Chicago the whole time. :-D

Here are a few pictures that were taken of us from both events. I got to work along side with makeup artists Viki Moon , Lindsay Tosto, Elisa Garcia and New York Extrodinare Makeup Artist Gabriel Almodovar for the Maybelline events!!

Smiling for the photobooth with Viki Moon & Lindsay Tosto


Happy Customer! Makeup by Me :)

Another Happy Customer! Makeup by Me :)

Gabriel working his magic!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Christy Lynn Goes to New York

Christy Lynn.
My buddy, my pal, my friend, and an amazing Chicago photographer. Christy decided to move to New York to further her career and I don't blame her, I'll probably go there myself next year! I'm so proud of her and I will surely miss her! This was the last photo shoot we created together before she left for the Big Apple.

Any models, hairstylists or wardrobe stylists in the New York Area, please contact Christy Lynn to witness her amazing photography skills yourself.

Christy Lynn


Model: Valerie Miles
Stylist & Designer: Katie DiFiore
Makeup & Hair: Andrea C. Samuels
Photography & Editor: Christy Lynn