Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Turn that "NO'' around to "ON"

Would you believe the agency I am signed 
with rejected my work four times before
 signing me this year? 

4 times! 

I have called and emailed Factor Artists as well as numerous other agencies in the past 5 years and they all said: 

"no, no, no, no, no" 

I am very thankful for those "no's"; 

Those "no's" pushed me into understanding what I needed to work on to be a better artist not only for myself but for other artists in the fashion industry. Those "no's" pushed me to study intense makeup skills and even hair skills for men, women, and kids. Those "no's" helped me do things I didn't think I was capable of doing. Those "no's" are the exact reason why I am working with companies I have being dying to work with for years. If someone or something has told you 'NO', swallow your pride and understand it is a re-direction to your future.
Don't stop, don't quit, don't lose your mind: 

just flip that "NO" around to "ON" and 

keep ON moving, 

keep ON studying, 

keep ON testing, 


- Andrea C. Samuels [08.27.14]

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Elle Magazine Bulgaria | September 2014

Elle Magazine Bulgaria | September 2014

I had the amazing opportunity to work with photographer Petya for a 7 page fashion spread inside the September Issue of Elle Bulgaria.

This was such a long but fun day!!

Photographer | Petya Shalamanova 
Model Michelle Stuchly / Factor 
Stylist Theresa Alleva / Factor Artists
Hair and Makeup Andrea C. Samuels / Factor Artists 
Manicure Artist Ashley Gregory / Ford Artists

Additional images that were not chosen but are absolutely beautiful:

Head to ELLE Bulgaria to view more from the September 2014 Issue!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

Myself and the artists of Factor Artists had the amazing opportunity to test with Charlotte Tilbury's makeup line before it launches in the US this fall. I wanted to share with you what we were able to play with. I am absolutely INLOVE with this line.

First off, Charlotte Tilbury is an amazing artist, absolutely amazing.
Ms. Tilbury is the makeup artist for the Tom Ford Beauty ads and has worked with top notch photographers, A-list models, clients and celebrities for 20+ years.

One of Charlotte's top assistants, Konstantine, showed us the products first hand. He was so sweet and patient, and he genuinely loves the products. The first product we tried was "Charlotte's Magic Cream". I would compare the texture of the magic cream similar to LaMer or Embryolisse. Charlotte created her own creams and moisturizers for years before launching her line, this particular cream she has used backstage at numerous shows for fashion week. "Magic cream" is very light weight, contains SPF 15, very moisturizing and creates a soft glow to the face. This is so great as a primer, sinks into skin like butter and makes your foundation glow.

The second product we tried was the "Multi-Miracle Glow", made in Switzerland; this gel cream is literally do die for. This is 3 products all in one formula, it can be used as a cleanser, a regenerating night time mask, and/or a body butter to apply before or after your shower. I applied it on my arm and it created a ridiculous glow on my skin without feeling sticky or leaving a strong odor. The fragrance is soft, like gardenias. This "miracle glow" is especially great for photo shoots, it feels silky smooth to the touch, almost slippery, and photographs so well. Stays on skin for hours. I was truly sold on this one!

 We were also able to play with foundations, concealers, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip liners and eye pencils. The "Rock N Kohl" liquid eye pencils are so velvety soft, you have to move slowly and carefully to apply it so you won't waste too much product.

These were my top 3 favorite products that stood out to me most and I for sure will purchase them when it launches in the US. Everything else in the Charlotte Tilbury collection reminded me of duplicate products I have worked with, but I can say the whole line has beautiful, rich textures and outstanding quality from the skin care to the color palettes in the eyeshadows. 

I highly recommend makeup artists and the everyday woman to try it for yourself; the brand is a little pricey but so worth it.

 Head to to purchase it now

Monday, August 4, 2014 | Jennifer Avello Photography

New F/W 2014 editorial out now featured on the popular fashion blog, 

This fashion story was inspired by girl power, feminism, bronze skin and fierce hair; basically Beyonce'! We had a blast on set with these two beauties from Factor Women.

The backdrop was a huge painting Jennifer created using oil and acrylic paints, her painterly style worked so well with the sleek leather wardrobe.

Michelle the hairstylist worked wonders with both the models hair and used NO extensions whatsoever, the hair is all created by wind power and hot curls. Melissa's hair literally looked like clouds on set.

I worked with Ben Nye Bronzing Tint covering their bodies neck to feet to create a realistic looking glow, I also added baby oil on their skin for a nice sheen on camera.

This tint is really awesome for two major reasons: 

a) Ben Nye Bronzing Tint does not stain clothing, the wardrobe stylist was extremely happy about that.
b) This does not create an orange or fake appearance; this product creates an amazing tan, you can add layers of the tint for a deeper tone. 

Here's an example of Miranda's makeup before and after I applied the Ben Nye Bronzer.

Everyone put in so much hard work for this editorial and I am really proud that took the time to showcase all of our talents. Take a look at the full story on

- All Black Everything -

Photographer & Editor | Jennifer Avello of 10 MGMT
Wardrobe Stylist | Jessica Moazami of Factor Artists
Hair Stylist | Michelle "Mimeki" McNeil
Models | Miranda & Melissa of Factor Women