Saturday, June 29, 2013

Damaris Aguiar + 10 Photos

This is the lovely Damaris Aguiar.

She is Miss Cuba 2012 and is also the current Miss Universal Petite 2013.

This girl is such a sweetheart and full of energy on set! Damaris usually has commercial or sexy themed photo shoots in Miami, so we wanted to make her look more street. Take a look at the awesome-ness photographer 10 photos and I created together when Damaris came to Chicago a few weeks.

Photographer | 10 Photos
Makeup + Hair | Andrea C. Samuels
Wardrobe | PRSVR


10 has a very unique camera that creates one image into a three dimensional mini flipbook.
I have NEVER seen anything like this before, it's super amazing. 
Take a look!>>

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Makeup Show 2013

I was fortunate to be able to represent two of my favorite brands this year: NARS and AJ Crimson.
Day 1 | June 9th, 2013: Thanks to the awesome makeup artist Jen Brown, I had the opportunity to work side by side with super cool artists like Nora Hess, Kristina Marie Fehrherm, as well as NARS makeup artist Phuong Tran.
Phuong was in 4 inch heels for
That woman is a trooper! On top of that, her face was sooooo flawless with a perfect red lip courtesy of NARS "Jungle Red'' lipliner and one of the most popular red velvet matte lip pencils sold that day, "Dragon Girl." We were SWAMPED with makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts, beauty bloggers and husbands trying to keep their wives calm.
I fell INLOVE with the beauty ads that surrounded our booth with model and muse of Nars, Stella Tennent, and makeup by the always amazing Francois Nars. So inspiring.
I bumped into a LOT of familiar faces through out the day, even new people that I talk to via instagram and facebook. It was nice to see humans instead of a touch screen version of faces. Time flew by so fast! At the end of the day, I literally had no time to shop.
I was WHIPPED and ready for bed.
Day 2 | June 10th, 2013: I was able to assist AJ for a second year. I helped set up the booth with beautiful artists from Los Angeles, Atlanta and Detroit, Michigan. As soon as AJ stepped on the scene, people started flocking towards him immediately.
AJ's new BB creams, lipgloss colors and foundations were selling like hot cakes! Every one was able to witness or be apart of his live makeup demos and learn quick tips about the products from AJ himself.

AJ is a suberb leader to learn from; he is so humble, down to earth, and cool as a cucumber. He has a very easy going approach to selling his products which helped bring the whole team at ease; we were all able to help every customer that needed to find their foundation shade and try on a lipgloss color. Time flew by and we all had a great time!

During my lunch break, I had a brief chance to listen to one of my most favorite artists, the makeup artist for Halle Berry from Cloud Atlas: Sian Richards. That movie did not get the credit it deserved, neither did Sian for the epic makeup she created for Halle. Sian was such an inspiration for never giving up, knowing your worth, sticking up for yourself, your ideas and your artistry. Sian has such a sweet, genuine, and amazing outlook on living life and fulfilling your dreams. Sian helped me realize that being an artist first will carry you through so many jobs for many years to come.
Sian also launched her makeup brush line in collaboration with London Brush Company. She sold the group how silky and innovative her brushes are and how they will literally 'glide like water' on faces, so I am DYING to use them on my next project.
Please support this amazing woman and check out her brushes:
 I didn't need to replenish a lot of products this year, so I came home very light handed this time. Here is a brief haul of the products I invested in this year:

This was actually a gift provided by Beauty Blender for our booth and this was THE BEST gift ever. I am SUPER inlove with the Blender Cleanser solid soap. I haven't found ANY thing to clean my little egg puffs properly, but this bar is genious. The blender cleanser comes with a removable grid to clean your brushes and beauty blenders more thoroughly than ever before. The grid helps to get inbetween the bristles of your brushes much better than your fingers. I HIGHLY recommend you grab one for all of your tiny eye shadow brushes as well as you beauty blenders. 
My beauty blenders look like a happy little Partridge Family now. 

I also purchased my first Z Palette for all of my loose blushes and eyeshadows and I could never leave home without a refill of my top favorite brush cleaner: Cinema Secrets.

 AJ's booth was also surprised with a dozen fresh face charts from Michael Cartier Onsouvanh of The Powder Group. His hair is always so EPIC!!
I had a fabulous time and met with amazing people all weekend.
Cannot wait for next year!!