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Monday, August 17, 2015

Art Class | HUF Magazine

"Art Class" | HUF Magazine
Photography | Jennifer Avello
Model | Brianna Peeples of 10 MGMT
Makeup | Andrea C. Samuels of Factor Artists

I was inspired by MUA Yadim, but I wanted to put my own spin onto it.

I worked with my favorite: 
Inglot Gel Liner #77 
I used thick and thin brushes to create the lines on Brianna's face.
I used another favorite: Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + in shade #70 

I also used different shades of lip colors from
Kryolan, Maybelline, OCC Cosmetics, Givenchy, and Tom Ford to complete the looks.

I am absolutely in love with how this story came out!
To view the rest of the story, head to: 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Assisting Rules by DeShawn Hatcher

If you haven't had a chance to read my blog last year, let me fill you in on something: DeShawn Hatcher is an amazing artist and beauty educator based in NY. I had the opportunity to assist DeShawn last season for NY Fashion Week; I learned so much in such a short amount of time working with her. I wrote a post about my experience at fashion week but just incase you missed it, here it is:

So fast forward to today, I had no clue DeShawn was working on her book at the time when I met her! All I knew was that I needed a monthly subscription to DeShawn's blog because she would spill SO much truth about the world of makeup which is very rare in the fashion industry. I encounter many great artists who are great at talking about the pretty side of makeup but they don't share anything valuable to the amateur artists that will help them get ahead in life. DeShawn holds nothing back from no one; I just adore that about her.

One of the first blog posts I read of DeShawn's was this: Assisting 101 by DeShawn Hatcher  I am so thankful that she expanded this into a beautiful and easy to follow book for all artists.

"Assisting Rules" is one of those must-have books if you are a makeup artist, hairstylist, or even a wardrobe stylist trying to break into the freelancing industry but you don't know the proper way to go about it. DeShawn pays respect to the former and current great master artists so that new artists of today understand how to properly work in their field. 

I cannot stress this enough: The information in this book is something you will NOT learn from YouTube or Instagram. 

This is pure, honest, unfiltered, and very rare advice from a real working artist. Thanks to DeShawn, I now see the mistakes I said, did, made in emails and phone calls from my past. Now, I am reaching out to people I haven't spoken to before, or haven't spoken to in a while, and I am switching up how I communicate with people to be more effective with selling myself. DeShawn also talks about agency do's and dont's, how to work in fashion week, on set etiquette, standard portfolio presentation and there's much more inside.

Here is the link to purchase her book:

Monday, July 20, 2015

Giambattista Valli Lipstick Collection by MAC

The Giambattista Valli lipsticks launched last week on July 9th, 2015. Giambattista is an amazing Parisian fashion designer who teamed up with MAC Cosmetics to create 5 beautiful shades for the summer. Here is my review of the lipsticks I purchased from this collection:

First Impression

The last time I purchased any MAC limited edition makeup collection was when they launched the Hello Kitty makeup line from 2009. 

After 2009, I have not really been impressed or felt the urge to purchase anything else from MAC's makeup collections; I noticed their products have gotten less pigmented over the years and I started to lose my interest until the Giambattista collection launched.

 The packaging really caught my eye, I loved the color choices and I really loved the designer they teamed up with. So I saved up my coins and ended up purchasing four out of the five lipsticks from the collection. 

 Light Test
I did a quick light test under 3 types of lighting to see what looks the most flattering.  The Bianca B lipstick looks almost white under the cool and flash lighting, which is not complimentary for women of color but I think the other shades look great under any lighting.
The colors look the most true under the pure white flash light.

Bianca B

Bianca B is a pastel pink.  This shade is opaque so it comes out a bit chalky on dark skin tones.

Pastel lipsticks are not very flattering because you will end up looking really washed out and ashy. 

 I personally don't like this shade for myself on my entire lip, but I absolutely love it as a highlighter for pink lipsticks. 

I used lip liner "Hover" by MAC to try to make Bianca B more neutral on my lips.

Nude colors tend to wash out fairly fast. Bianca B faded on me after two hours.

If you don't want to go out and spend $18 for a MAC lipstick, here is another brand Bianca B reminds me of: 



Hot Pink/ Magenta lipstick; compliments all skin tones.
I added Bianca B in the center of my lips to create an ombre effect.

I paired TATS lipstick with BEET lipliner by MAC

This color lasted about 3-4 hours on me without any touchups

There are TONS of pink lipsticks all over the world; and if you're an artist on a budget, here's a duplicate for TATS

Ruby Kisses Ultra Matte Lipstick in "Gossip"
$2.99 at



Deep Red with a slight orange undertone. The packaging has a more blue undertone which threw me off, but when applied it melted into my skin with a bit of an orange finish. I personally would use a much darker lipliner to create a true red tone on my lips.

I paired Charlotte with Cherry lipliner by MAC

This has a pretty decent staying power, it lasted me about 4-5 hours without touchups.

Here's NYX to the rescue if you are trying to save some money

NYX Matte lipstick in "Pure Red" | $5.99 at



Plum/Brown shade, compliments every skin tone.
This shade is my absolute favorite!

I paired Eugenie with Currant Lip liner by MAC

This has the same amount of staying power as Charlotte, about 4-5 hours without touchups.

Revlon actually carries a nice range of dark lipsticks, here is one that looks super similar to Eugenie:

 Revlon Black Cherry $7.99 |


Overall, I like these shades but I only LOVE one shade from the whole bunch. 
I hope MAC will keep collaborating with more amazing fashionistas and adding more unique collections to their line.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Pop Art | Lucy's Magazine with Ten Photos

The "Pop Art" editorial is out today in Lucy's Magazine.

These photos are new to all of you but very, very, VERY old to me; these were taken almost two years ago but they have finally been released to the public today. This is one of the hardest things about working with editorials: the wait is dreadful but to see your work in a new publication makes it all better. Unfortunately I don't remember every single product I used, but I wrote down the few things I could remember below. 

So here is "Pop Art" for your viewing pleasure!

Photographer: Ten Photos

Retoucher: Samantha Hylla

Model: Clara Rae

MUA & Hair: Andrea C. Samuels

For every beauty editorial, I tend to be very hands on and very much a perfectionist with my work. Sometimes I plan out mood boards and sketch a few ideas so I can show the photographer and the team what I plan to do. I decided to try something completely new so I did not sketch or plan these looks out at all. I did find inspiration photos to mimic but I didn't even look at them once I started working with Clara. Deep, deep, down inside my soul I was scared to just let go but it felt liberating to just grab a random color and work with it. Working this way gave me a new appreciation for art. At this time, Clara had a new haircut and was just about to move to New York City, so I fed off her energy and created what I wanted.

For this first look, I played with my NYX Lip Palette in "Sweet Oranges". Although NYX is seen as a 'cheap' product to most people, this palette packs a punch; these oranges are really bright! I wanted the colors to pop and I also wanted to keep it simple by not adding blush or eyeshadow. I absolutely love how this came out and I really love the way Ten Photos experimented with different lighting to highlight her face.

For this second look, I always wanted to try blended colors on a models' face so it looks like a cloud of different shades. I had nothing like this in my portfolio so I just wanted to play and experiment with the colors I had. I think I was working with Ben Nye eyeshadows, Inglot Eyeshadows, and MAC Blushes; I really didn't think it through, I just grabbed a color and went with it.

The one thing I do remember using was this lip tar by OCC in "Anime". I also mixed this with other glosses so her lips looked like glass.

At this time, I remember Clara's face was getting sensitive and I had to slow down on putting too much product on her face. I opted to keep her lips and face clear and clean so I played up her eyes with new products I just bought. I don't use any of my green eyeshadows, so I just used this moment as an excuse to finally use them. I also wanted to play around with colored mascara, so I used my Inglot Gel Liner as mascara on Clara.

On her lips, I used Inglot AMC Gloss in #546

From this shoot, and many other shoots, I learned a little bit more about myself: I learned that I don't have to plan every single thing out, I don't have to be a control freak, I don't have to be a perfectionist. I can just be the artist I was born to be and paint. 

That is my advice to you as well, don't get caught up in thinking 'this has to be perfect' or 'this has to be a certain way', when it comes to art, there is no such thing as 'perfect' or 'a certain way'. When you get the opportunity to work with a model and a photographer and you have free reign to do as you want, just paint and let it go. You might surprise yourself with the things you can create.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Pink Panther for Institute Magazine

"Pink Panther" has been released today inside Institute Magazine.
Here's a look at some work behind the scenes:

Pele and I instantly connected when we first spoke about the makeup for this editorial; we wanted to highlight Rose's features and go a bit extreme with the color. I always wanted to try a neon pink makeup look, so I was really excited to express myself and try something new.

The pinks were a combination of MAC's "Full Fuchsia" and "Pinch O Peach" 
to exaggerate the contours in her face. I blended and blended and blended for almost 2 hours so the colors seeped seamlessly into her skin with a fluffy brush like the MAC 168 Contour Brush.

Her base foundation is Face Atelier "Ultra Pro Foundation" in Shade #2

Of course, I used my magical Inglot highlighter to create that beautiful glow for the beauty shots.

Her lips were MAC's "Magenta" lip liner and 3-4 different lip glosses on top.

Rose's hair is naturally curly, so I added more curls and more volume so it looked like a lion's mane when she walked down the streets of Chicago.

Here is the rest of the editorial from Institute Magazine.


Photographer and Editor | Pele Joez
Wardrobe Stylist | Dina Alic of Factor Artists
Model | Rose of Factor Women Runway
HMUA | Andrea Samuels of Factor Artists