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Thursday, March 26, 2015

America's Beauty Show | Chicago 2015

I represented Mizani this year at America's Beauty Show!

I truly had a BLAST working with the team of amazing hairstylists.  I was able to create fashion forward makeup looks for their  "New Gen" presentation this year. They contacted me after seeing this image on my Instagram page photographed by Carissa Lancaster for Ellements Magazine:

Here are a few backstage photos I took and/or other people took of the looks I created with key hairstylists Miss Wu and Cesar Ramirez for the "Legacy Awards" inside America's Beauty Show.

First Look"Street Wear"
Model | Tess of Factor Women

Milani gave me hours and hours of time to complete all the looks, which I SO appreciated. I was really inspired by the symmetrical, graphic hair style and the wardrobe Tess was wearing, so I tried to mimic the lipstick to match the highlights in her hair by mixing Tom Ford's "Bruised Plum", Bobbi Brown Lip Pot in "Chocolate Cherry" together with Bobbi Brown's, "Plum Gold" Lip Gloss. 

I mixed a few different lipliners as well so I honestly don't remember everything I used, but I was really happy and pleased with how the first look came out.


2nd Look"Futuristic"
Model | Reese

The hair color for model Reese was literally neon green and there was no way I was going to attempt to outshine the hair with heavy makeup, so I went the opposite direction and kept the palette on her face nude. I used Ben Nye Powder in Olive Sand and Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + in Shade #70 on her skin. On her lips, I used "Spice" from MAC and a neutral gloss on top. Everything else on her face was very neutral and simple. I chose to use matte shades of makeup because this was an all day event, the models had a lot of walking to do and I wasn't able to complete touch ups on them while they were onstage, so I used durable, sweat-resistent makeup to complete these looks.


3rd Look | "Avant Garde"
Model | Florence of Factor Women

The hair was so regal and beautiful, so I wanted to add extra drama and class by using gold everywhere. I strategically placed gold leaf on Florence's body so it would look like custom jewelry from a distance. The rest of the products were very minimal; I used Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + in Shade #80, Ben Nye Luxe Powder in Cocoa and MAC lip liner in "Cherry"

To learn how to apply gold leaf, please check out my previous blog!
I show you how to apply it easily with just a couple easy products:

I really enjoyed myself this past weekend and I feel so blessed and honored to be able to get creative and have fun on my job. 

Thank you so much for the opportunity Mizani!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Midas Touch | Ellements Magazine Beauty Issue

The Beauty Issue of Ellements Magazine just released today!

"The Midas Touch"

Photographer | Carissa Lancaster
Wardrobe Stylist | Clarissa V. Pierre
Model | Joanna Bajena of LModelz Management
Hair & Makeup | Andrea C. Samuels of Factor Artists 
Nail Artist | Ashley Gregory of Ford Artists

The team worked with all gold EVERY thing 

We wanted our model Joanna to start off fresh and innocent then later turn into a 
Dark Goddess. 

I was very inspired by both the wardrobe stylist, Clarissa, and the nail artist Ashley. Carissa the photographer had a lot of positive energy on set which helped the shoot run smoothly. Everyone kicked it up a notch and brought their A-Game to make this beauty editorial come to life.

We started off on a clean slate: 
White, cream and gold was the palette in the wardrobe;
fresh, dewy makeup with nude nails completed the first couple looks

These are the makeup products I used:  

- AJ Crimson Dual Skin Foundation in Shade #1

FYI: This foundation feels amazing

AJ's "Dual Skin Foundation" is so creamy but it's not sticky, not flaky, not drying and not oily; it is not bad at all. It covers acne and scars VERY well and leaves a soft sheen on skin. I find it similar to Graftobian for all the curious artists out there who haven't tried this brand yet. I also really love AJ's foundations because it comes in the lightest hues to the darkest tones; it caters to all shades and I love brands that can provide this for all my clients.

- Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer in #1

- Gold Leaf (only in inner corners) from Michaels Craft Store

- Inglot Face Illumintor in #61

FYI: This is one of the BEST Illuminators
This illuminator from Inglot is not glittery at all, this highlight creates the most gorgeous glow on skin in person and in camera. It is my most favorite highlighter by far and I highly recommend using this for bridal to fashion to runway work.

- MAC Blush in "Tenderling"

- Dior Addict Gloss in "Angelique"

I prefer to start all editorials with light makeup; it helps to build the mood and the color palette as the story grows darker. The makeup, nails and accessories have to mimic the wardrobe so it reads well on camera, so I try to keep that in mind and not get too distracted or too carried away with colors. As an artist, I can easily get distracted by looking at ALL the colors in my kit so I only pull out the specific products I need so I can stay consistent with the theme.


The story moved into more golden, olive and bronze tones, so I went a tad bit darker here by using these beauty products on Joanna's eyes:

- Gold Leaf over eye lid (Michaels Craft Store)

FYI: Gold Leaf is hard to work with.

Gold Leaf is like tissue paper but it's lighter than a feather; if you don't hold it down well with your makeup brush, it will literally fly away from you. Gold leaf is not as dense as paper, so you will need something sticky for the gold leaf to adhere to skin. You could use lip gloss, lip balm, or lash glue; I ended up using lip balm because it was just the right amount of stickiness for me so incase I needed to adjust the gold leaf to frame the eyes, I can do it without disturbing the eyeshadow beneath.

357 (base) 363 (crease) 09 (lid) 21 (lower lid) 329 (outer corners)

- Bobbi Brown High Shine Gloss in Canary (on top of eyeshadow)

I also straightened Joanna's hair to create a Donatella Versace look


For Joanna's "Dark Goddess" look, Ashley added gold leaf all over Joanna's fingers to create her "Midas Touch" taking over her skin

I added a lip liner by MAC with a braided crown filled with gold pigment to give her a more regal look. I love how Joanna's mood changed once the clothing, makeup, hair and nails became more dramatic; she really got into character.

- Added more Inglot Eyeshadow #329 on lower lid

- Rosebud Lipbalm

- MAC lip liner in "Currant"


Over all, I am really pleased with this beauty story and I love how the team worked together and encouraged each other from beginning to end. We all tried something new and took risks for Ellements Magazine.  To view the rest of this story and to find out about the wardrobe credit, you can purchase your own copy right here:

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

In Full Bloom by Ten Photos | Mod Magazine February 2015

Wardrobe Stylist: Caitlin Eucker @ Factor Artists
Set Designer: Abigail Lipp
Makeup and Hair: Andrea C. Samuels @ Factor Artists
Model: Anita Joo @ Ignite Models  

We have been waiting since July 2014 for this story to be released;
the team is excited to finally showcase this editorial!

View rest of story here:

Monday, February 16, 2015


VFILES is a youthful, fashion-based online community derived from V Magazine, but this website functions like Pinterest: On, you can share and repost images you like as well as save images in albums on your personal page. For the past 3 seasons, VFILES has held a fashion show contest by picking out four emerging fashion designers from their online community. This year, VFILES held a contest in January 2015 and not only found four new fashion designers, they also chose the makeup artist, the hair stylist, the photographer and the wardrobe stylist to lead the show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2015.

Thanks to mua Nika Vaughan, she informed me about the contest and I jumped on it right away. I submitted 12 of my favorite images and hoped for the best. About a week later, I received a message from the VFiles Founder asking if I was available and interested for their show on February 11th, I said "YES!"

Next Day, VFILES posted this image on instagram and announced the winners for the Fall/Winter 2015 contest:

Then Dazed and Confused Magazine posted this image with my bio:

I was beyond excited! 
I had no idea what I was going to get myself into but I felt like I was ready for anything. I sent them a few images of ideas I had for each designer to work with their Fall wardrobe. After a dozen email exchanges, we came down to a few looks that I could re-create with Aveda for the makeup and hair test run. 

The winning image VFILES chose was created with photographer 10photos, so he also came with me to New York. 

Soon as we landed in NYC, I needed to head straight to the VFiles office to start the makeup tests. The most difficult makeup idea I had was for Discount Universe, their collection was the most colorful and I wanted the makeup to reflect their aesthetic.

V Magazine's head makeup artist, James Kaliardos, jumped in and gave me guidance right away. He has worked with Nikki Minaj, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Vogue Japan; he has numerous amazing clients. James reminded me that the Vfiles team had to complete hair, makeup, nails and fittings for 75 models within two hours as well as quickly demo all four looks to the team of Aveda. 

I thought to myself two hours?!?! 

But then I remembered the times I assisted other artists and yes, two hours sounded about right for fashion week; so that changed EVERYthing. I had to tone down all of my ideas in order to stay within the time frame. 

One of Aveda's lead makeup artists, Eva Van Anglen, jumped in right away and gave me a brief product review of Aveda's makeup. Aveda is an all natural, plant based makeup line; we were a bit limited in color choices and texture ideas I originally mapped out, but after I 
re-created the makeup ideas, we made it work for all four designers. 

For Discount Universe, the hair was an 80's inspired Mullet, so I went from having super pink cheeks and green brows to a dark blue smokey cat eye inspired by 80's Queen Debbie Harry. After speaking with the VFILES fashion directors, Aveda, and fashion designers, I had to tone the makeup down even more.

This was the final look for Julia Seemann, Andrea Jiapei Li, Ximon Lee & Discount Universe:

White eyeliner, Bleached brows, Nude Glossy lips

Smokey cat eye, contoured cheeks, glossy neutral lips

Glossy skin, glossy eyes, highlighted inner corners, glossy lips

Matte Skin, Dark Brows

February 11th, 2015

Photo by 10Photos

The day of the show, I was pumped up yet SUPER nervous. I usually NEVER get nervous for anything related to makeup, but I had a whole team to demo in a short time frame and I was still very unsure about the look for Discount Universe. The looks that were approved by the VFILES staff I was not 100% happy with because the looks were not my original ideas, but I had to keep in mind that the show was not about the makeup, it had to blend in with everyone else's talents on board to be cohesive for the show.

Soon as I walked into Lincoln Center, Eva Anglen and Janell Geason (the Global Artist Director for Aveda) went above and beyond to really help me. Eva divided the artists into four teams for each designer; she demonstrated the looks to all the artists for each designer before hand; that took a HUGE load off my shoulders and it allowed us a little more time to prep the models. After every model was complete or close to complete, I checked on the models faces and gave my input to each makeup artist to make sure the makeup looks unison from face to face.

Photo by Xeung Lee

At the very last half hour, the Vfiles team let me know the makeup needed to be bolder for Discount Universe so it reads better on the runway. After briefing with Eva, we ended up adding black glitter and a hot pink lipliner called "Cactus Blossom" to pop on the runway. After I saw glitter flying everywhere, I was no longer nervous. 
Glitter solves everything!

Here are a few more photos and video from the show

Designer: Andrea Jiapei Lei

Designer: Discount Universe

 Designer: Ximon Lee

Designer: Julia Seemann

Discount Universe on

VFiles on

Julia Seemann on

VFiles on The Daily Front Row

I really thank VFILES for giving emerging artists a chance to shine, this show was a huge learning experience and I now understand how everything works at Fashion Week from both assisting and leading in makeup. It truly takes a team to get things done properly. I originally thought things would be difficult and I would have to do a lot on my own, but Aveda was so incredibly helpful and made things much easier than I expected. This experience makes me realize just how much lead artists go through; I absolutely have no regrets after learning there are so many dimensions to consider when putting on a show.

Thank you so much VFILES!