Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hello 2015! Find Your Passion!!

Hello 2015!


There are many, MANY more editorials, photoshoots, clients and amazing things happening for next year; I really cannot wait to share it with you all. After looking through the things I have accomplished for 2014, I am honestly in shock with how far God has carried me and pushed me to follow through with my dreams. Believe me when I say all of the opportunities that came my way was 

You have no idea how many times this year where I wanted to say, "This is a HOT MESS!" and throw in the towel; but there is something that keeps bothering me every single time I think I want to quit: 


  • Passion is what has me up at 4:00am writing this blog 
  • Passion is what wakes me up in the morning, and I hate mornings
  • Passion is what keeps me going when there is barely any food in my fridge
  • Passion is what keeps me upbeat when I am working with a difficult client
  • Passion is what motivates me to keep paying my bills
  • Passion is what motivates me to keep reaching out to aspiring makeup artists
  • Passion is what makes me work sometimes 48 hours straight
  • Passion is what makes me work sometimes 3 weeks straight
  • Passion is what makes me feel completely insane yet feel completely at peace with the life I have chosen for myself



without a 


for what you do.

I hope that you Find your Passion for 2015!!!!


January | Los Angeles with photographer 10photos

Model Komisa Raven

Model Guo Li of Next Model Management

February | New York Fashion Week assisting key mua Ashunta Sheriff

March | New Home and New Beginnings with Factor Artists

Jennifer Avello Photography

Mod Magazine Beauty Issue with Jennifer Avello

April | San Francisco and Glossed & Found

Photo by

Glossed & Found with Jennifer Avello

May | U.S. Polo with photographer David Leslie Anthony

June | TCW Magazine with Kristyna Archer & Profiles98 Mag with Sam Hylla

July | Fireworks & Nigel Barker

Photo by

Photo for Art Van Furniture with Nigel Barker

August | Jute Magazine, Glossed & Found, Fashionising and Weddings!

Jute Magazine Webitorial with photography by

Glossed & Found with photography by Petya Shalmanova

Roseana's Wedding

September | NY Fashion Week assisting DeShawn HatcherElle Bulgaria

Betsey Johnson SS2015 

Betsey Johnson SS2015

Assisting DeShawn Hatcher

Elle Bulgaria with Petya Shalmanova

October | Skeleton Face for Halloween and Glamour UK

Photo by

Photography by Jennifer Avello for Glamour UK

November | ShuString, Dark Beauty, Superior Magazine and Las Vegas

 Superior Magazine with photographer

December | Livid Magazine, Glossed & Found
& Pat McGrath Contest Entry with Kris Lou and Erik Robert

Livid Magazine with Carissa Lancaster of Kliq Studios

Photography by

Photography by Kris Lou and Erik Robert

Hoping 2015 will be even bigger and better!