Thursday, May 30, 2013

Glossed and Found | June 2013

I had the amazing opportunity to come up with innovative, yet easy makeup trends for the
June 2013 Beauty Editorial of:

Glossed and Found is an on-line video magazine that features weekly fashion tips and beauty secrets from pros in the fashion industry. I was honored and proud to be apart of it with photographer Jennifer Avello, videographer Jordan Lindley of Glossed & Found, Wardrobe Stylist Galina Kapustina of Factor Artists, Models Mary & Marta of Factor Women, Prop Stylist Erica Milde of Ford Artists, and the amazing man that brought us all together, Glossed and Found Art Director, Graham Kostic. This beauty focused editorial was inspired by the 1960's era infused with a modern twist. Here are a few more photos from the story:

Please head to to read the full article!

 Please watch the video and learn a few makeup tips from me!
Enjoy :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bambi Magazine | May 2013

Wardrobe stylist Thomas Vaughan, photographer Jennifer Avello and myself wanted to create a story with metallics galore: metallic makeup, skin, jeans, wardrobe... All Gold Everything!
We chose model Ashton of Ford Models to bring the metallic story to life.

I experimented and pushed myself to a new level of hair styling as well as playing with new makeup products. I was practicing finger waves on models for many months on various test shoots until I was finally ready to create the challenging style for an editorial.

Practice makes perfect!

I never played with metallic pigment on lips for an editorial, so I tried a few new techniques on the spot and let the artistry flow. Spontaneity is usually the best way to create new makeup trends.

I worked with Illamasqua Ore Pure Pigment on the eyes, lips, cheekbones and as a highlighter all through-out Ashton's skin to play off the wardrobe.

I also worked with Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in "Chocolate Cherry" as the lip color base and topped it off with Bobbi Brown Lipgloss in "Canary" to pop with the Miu Miu sunglasses.

Here's a look at the eight page story that was selected for the May Issue, as well as a few extras that we all loved.


*Updated 06.03.13*

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The Magic of Metallics

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Better Fight 'Til The Day You Die

 I think of the times when my father said,"Computers would be good for you." 

I think of the times some friends would say, "You're gonna be broke." 

and I think of the times my sister said, "Makeup? Finish your Bachelors!" 


 and I think of the times an ex said, 
"My parents don't understand what you do. I don't wanna travel with you." 



I still didn't quit.

Now it blows my mind that every one is proud of me. 

Doesn't matter what any one says: 

If you have a dream, better fight for it 'til the day you die.

Photography by Emily Gualdoni, Jennifer Avello, Chris Free of Project Captured and

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Maybelline & Rodarte at SAIC 2013

  Maybelline New York sponsored the makeup for SAIC's 2013 annual fashion show, "The Walk'. 


I was honored and thrilled to be apart of it with these two lovely ladies again:
Viki Moon and Lindsay Tosto. We also got to work with new face, Danielle Boulden!

The day started at 5:45 am. 
I was way more excited than tired!

 The Factor Women and Chosen Models went through makeup and hair before the final dress fittings.

Key Artist Gabriel Almodovor created a unique look for the show:
Red pigment on the brow bone, yellow pigment in the crease, orange winged-out eyes.
This was really difficult for all the artists to re-create, but we had no time to take our time.

We were assigned to complete all 60 models within TWO HOURS.
The pressure was on!

Hair was provided by artists of Ulta; they created really beautiful, modern wigs and chic hair styles.

The fashion was AMAZING!!

 Myself and Viki finally taking a break after hours of makeup! We had to complete hair and makeup for the models four times; first time was dress re-hearsal at 9am, second time was a second dress rehearsal at 12pm, third time was a show for the school faculty and family at 3pm, the last time was the finale at 7pm.

Lindsay Tosto and myself were asked to do makeup for the amazing design team: Rodarte

 These sisters are so humble, sweet and awesome!

I worked on Kate (right), she preferred a natural look with a soft, bronze smokey eye. I showed her the new BB Cream which she adored because of its light weight feel. I also showed her the new "Whisper" lip colors by Maybelline. I recommended the "Go Nude" lipbalm, which was a nude, slightly taupe lip color and she LOVED it. Her cheekbones were amazing to work on! I showed her the new Bouncy Blush by Maybelline in "Peach Satin" to pop her cheekbones for camera.

Hair was created by two amazing artists of Ulta using Redken products.

After we finished the Rodarte girls, Lindsay and I ran back just in time to finish the models for the final show.

The Rodarte Sisters with the President of SAIC on the red carpet.

For the final walk through, all the artists were invited to watch the show.
We were relieved to: 1) Have a seat and 2.) Take a look at our work walking down the runway

Here are a few photos from the show:


Caroline Hougen (designer) was one of my favorite collections to watch on the runway. She brought nostalgia, consistency from outfit to outfit, a GREAT song choice which is still stuck in my head 24 hours later and great craftsmanship to the stage.

 Tess Olson was another one of my favorite designers!

Photos from and Christopher Free of Project Captured.

More photos coming soon!