Saturday, November 26, 2011

CLEONS NYC Fashion Show Casting Call

So here we go again with CLEONS!! :-)

Makeup Artists Kat DeJesus, Marie Wood and myself along with Hair Stylist extrodinare Donte Mitchell were called upon to create some awesome-ness for the advertisements of CLEONS NYC Casting Call for his fashion show in 2012. He wanted us to go OFF, get Creative and Crazy, and we did!!

Here are a few shots of the work I contributed for his ads.


Model 1: Megan Graveline
Photographer: Jon Recana
Designer: CLEONS
Makeup & Hair: Andrea C. Samuels

Just a brief story behind this look:
I had just completed a wedding earlier this morning with 9 bridesmaids, so my brain was almost fried. CLEONS Clothing Co. always revives me and gets my creative juices flowing, so I just freestyled this look. I usually plan and sketch what I intend to create, but not this time, I just let it be and flowed with it. CLEONS requested that I add something 'metallic' to the makeup. So I started thinking about the reflection of snake skin, birds feathers, animal fur... and just worked it out from there.

I used silver & copper metallic pigments, lots of eye liner, and extreme lashes by Ardell.

Model 2: Skye Ameila
Photographer: Jon Recana
Designer: CLEONS
Makeup & Hair: Andrea C. Samuels

For this look, CLEONS showed me Skye's first garment, which had a circular pattern. I wanted to create an opposite effect to make the dress stand out more, so I added a rectangular pattern around Skye's brows and kept her makeup fairly simple compared to Megan's makeup. I then added a double layer of blush to create a laser beam effect. I don't understand what I come up with half the time, but I just flow with it. :-)

If you are a model in NEW YORK interested in wearing CLEONS amazing garments, contact him NOW!! He is having a casting call right here: >>>>

April 14th, 2012
Space On White
81 White Street
New York, NY 10013
4:30PM - 8:30PM


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Errol Dunlap

So, this guy right here is pretty cool. As a man and as a photographer, you should get to know him before he gets famous. I'm just sayin.

Errol Dunlap.

We hit it off pretty well, starting bouncing ideas off of each other for a few weeks, found some beautiful agency models and created some amazing images. Here are a few images we created last month.

We have more projects coming up in the future so watch out!!

Enjoy :)

Tiffany Moore | Factor Women
Photo & Editing | Errol Dunlap
Makeup & Hair | Andrea C. Samuels

Savannah Thomas | The Rock Agency
Designer & Stylist | Marta Cebrat-Czernik
Photo & Editing | Errol Dunlap
Makeup & Hair | Andrea C. Samuels

More Images are on my website ===>

Thursday, November 10, 2011

CLEONS Clothing 'POP Art' Fashion Show 2011

For those of you unaware of the Chicago designer CLEONS, here are links to my previous posts about him and the work we've done together:

CLEONS 'BALL' Fashion Show 2010

Chad Leon, the designer, is one of the HARDEST working designers that I've worked with so far. Every year he has more and more garments walking down the runway. Chad knows how to put on a productive, professional and entertaining show and he's an amazing man! Here are a few photos of the makeup I did for his latest, and last, fashion show in the historic DuSable Museum in Chicago, IL. I also learned that I have become increasingly faster year by year.

-The first year I worked for CLEONS in 2009, I was only able to do makeup for 2 models within 2 hours.
-The second show in 2010, I was able to do makeup for 3 models within 2 hours.
-This year, I did makeup for 3 male models and 4 female models within 2 hours. Speedy Samuels on the prowl!! :)

Photographers: Karl Ray, Jon Recana, Ty Kyu, Ka'Lan Jones, and Rashied/RHM Studios

Face Beaters: Marie Wood, Kat DeJesus, Theresa Jones and myself


Behind The Scenes with model Naima Eagle Tail | Photography by Ka'Lan Jones

Behind The Scenes with Cynovia Potts | Photography by Ka'Lan Jones

Model: Chris

Model: Juan Gabriel Fitch from NYC

Model: Sherrod Burress

Dancers: Sherrod Burress
& Ashtar Isborn

Model: Naima Eagle Tail

Model: Cynovia Potts

Model: Katie Ellis (I did her makeup for three seasons in a row :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hot Mess Tranny!

Happy Halloween! I LOVE dressing up every year! :)

I call this makeup look, "Hot Mess Tranny" :)
As soon as I put on my wig, I swear a New York accent came out of me for some strange reason. Here are a few pictures of myself as a tranvestite I created for Ruben Lopez's Birthday Party/ Halloween Bash.


After(2 Hours later):

Products Used!
First, I used Kryolan Wax Stick to slick my eyebrows down.

Then, I used Ben Nye Latex so my eyebrows stay flat all night. I simply used my fingers and quickly applied them over my waxed brows. Make sure you work fast because latex dries fast!

Then, I applied MAC 3D Silver Glitter above, on and below my brows to create a much bigger, dramatic eye space. I applied it with a flat brush, and pat, pat, pat the glitter in place with a clear gel mixing medium from MAC.

I applied MAC Penultimate Liner in 'Rapid Black' to create thin brows above the glitter and a 1.5 inch crease on my tranny eyes. I prefer this pen liner over other pen liners for dramatic makeup because the felt tip is thick, so it covers a larger space faster than a thinner, precise tip. I also use it to outline my lower liner and to create an extreme cat eye on the ends.

I used MAC Pigments, 'Deep Blue Green' and 'True Chartreuse' to create an ombre' of greens on my eyelids.

I also used MAC Lip Mix in 'White' with a thin brush to create that sharp line in the water line and extended it to the outer corners of my eyes. Applied a white eye shadow to set my line.

Used MAC & Ben Nye Concealers & Powders with triangle sponges to create my face, cheekbones, jawline, etc.

MAC 'Silver Dusk' and 'Golden Bronze' Loose Powders for cheeks as well as highlighting my nose & chin.

MAC Cheeck Colors in 'Fever' to contour and 'Sweet As Cocoa' for mid tone highlight

MAC Creme Cup Lipstick and I overlined my lips :)

Who Run The World? Tranny's!!