Saturday, November 26, 2011

CLEONS NYC Fashion Show Casting Call

So here we go again with CLEONS!! :-)

Makeup Artists Kat DeJesus, Marie Wood and myself along with Hair Stylist extrodinare Donte Mitchell were called upon to create some awesome-ness for the advertisements of CLEONS NYC Casting Call for his fashion show in 2012. He wanted us to go OFF, get Creative and Crazy, and we did!!

Here are a few shots of the work I contributed for his ads.


Model 1: Megan Graveline
Photographer: Jon Recana
Designer: CLEONS
Makeup & Hair: Andrea C. Samuels

Just a brief story behind this look:
I had just completed a wedding earlier this morning with 9 bridesmaids, so my brain was almost fried. CLEONS Clothing Co. always revives me and gets my creative juices flowing, so I just freestyled this look. I usually plan and sketch what I intend to create, but not this time, I just let it be and flowed with it. CLEONS requested that I add something 'metallic' to the makeup. So I started thinking about the reflection of snake skin, birds feathers, animal fur... and just worked it out from there.

I used silver & copper metallic pigments, lots of eye liner, and extreme lashes by Ardell.

Model 2: Skye Ameila
Photographer: Jon Recana
Designer: CLEONS
Makeup & Hair: Andrea C. Samuels

For this look, CLEONS showed me Skye's first garment, which had a circular pattern. I wanted to create an opposite effect to make the dress stand out more, so I added a rectangular pattern around Skye's brows and kept her makeup fairly simple compared to Megan's makeup. I then added a double layer of blush to create a laser beam effect. I don't understand what I come up with half the time, but I just flow with it. :-)

If you are a model in NEW YORK interested in wearing CLEONS amazing garments, contact him NOW!! He is having a casting call right here: >>>>

April 14th, 2012
Space On White
81 White Street
New York, NY 10013
4:30PM - 8:30PM


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