Thursday, June 16, 2011

PaperCut Mag

Myself along with an amazing team just got published in the June 2011 Issue of international publication: PaperCut Mag.

Here it is :)

Photographer: Jennifer Avello
Stylist: Marta Cebrat-Czernik
Garments by: Marta Cebrat-Czernik
& Julia Lubgane
Model: Shaina Renee' | Factor Women
Hair: Mindy Evans
MUA: Andrea C. Samuels & Hermina Chamnankit

A few more shots that didn't make the magazine,
but are so bad ass:

Dana Scruggs

So, I really like this girl.
Dana Scruggs.
I guess because she kind of reminds me of me in some ways, but then I also like the way she works. Dana is a stylist from LA but currently resides in Chicago. Not only is she spiffy with clothing, but she's a photographer too! She's professional, she knows EXACTLY what she wants, she knows how she wants it, and what to do to make the outcome of the model look complete from head to toe. I like Dana! And we have worked together a few times this spring. Here are a few shots of the awesome-ness we created.
Look, look, look!

Model: Rikki | Ignite Models
Photographer & Stylist: Dana Scruggs
Makeup & Hair: Andrea C. Samuels

Also, our work is featured in Ignite Model Management's Blog! Yaaayyyy!! :)

Model: Angela The Muse
Photographer & Stylist: Dana Scruggs
Hair: Starr Knight
Makeup: Andrea C. Samuels


Monday, June 13, 2011


So I got to work with up and coming Industrial band, I:Scintilla.
The lead vocalist, Brittany, is such a sweetheart and a real trooper. She would literally scream at the top of her lungs take, after take, after take just to get the right shot for the video crew. I was able to do the makeup for their song, "Swimmers Can Drown".

The guys were very cool and just wanted clean, simple makeup.
Brittany LOVES lipstick and lashes, so her makeup was a really fun project for me.
I used Yves Saint Laurant eye shadow in 'Intense Plum", cheek color to contour from MAC in "Fever" with a dark lip polish from Arbonne called, "Raisin" and OFCOURSE Make Up For Ever liquid foundation set with the 'Mist & Fix' on top to resist all the sweat, smoke, smog, and snow on set her precious face had to endure.

Here are a few shots on set and behind the scenes taken by one of my most favorite photographers, Emily Gualdoni.

Her heels had to have been 8 or 10 inches! I looked like such a shorty :)

AND The video JUST premiered today!!! Check it out and support this amazing band :D

The Makeup Show

Thank GOD for the production team of The Makeup Show for FINALLY bringing the event to Chicago. It was long over due!! I went yesterday (June 12th) with my friend and client, Jenna Marie Christian, and we had an amazing time. As soon as we walked in, I felt like I had the jitters. We went from booth to booth to booth and sampled and Ooh'd and Aawed over the colorful array of gorgeousness from every product line. I also bumped into a LOT of familiar faces.

First products I purchased: Crown Industries
I stocked up on nine brushes, a palette of cream foundations, a packet of lip wands and mascara wands for only $25.

Second products I purchased: Make Up For Ever.
I finally stocked up on a few of my favorite face & body liquid foundations as well as a neutral eye shadow palette. Everything was 50% off!! I was going nuts. They were also doing live demos of theatrical makeup and their newest products on a few agency models.

Third products I purchased: Kevyn Aucoin
I purchased two of his cheek colors: Fire (Mango hue) and Dolline (Apricot hue)
The texture is SO thick and the pigment is really amazing. You literally only need a small amount for it to show on your cheeks. The best part was they were selling it for only $5 each!!

Fourth products I purchased: Inglot
I wanted everything, I truly did. But I ended up purchasing their Face and Body Illuminator in #61 and #68. These have stunning color power. Absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to highlight the cheekbones of my next model with these. These were $11 but they are SO worth it.

So at this point, I had to check myself because I was wrecking my money. :-/

We checked out an airbrushing seminar from Temptu. I learned the difference between silicone and water based makeup, silicone is mold-able and takes longer to set on skin while water based airbrush tries quickly since it isn't oil based. Temptu also showed how to add depth with contouring the eyes as well as the cheekbones. The host was fun to watch and I learned a few tricks with airbrushing for my next bride.

I also bumped into Jennifer James. I love her blog and her notes, she is FULL of wisdom. Ofcourse, her skin was flawless in person.

And for the main event, Sam Fine was in the building looking flawless, classic and dapper. we also got to check out Sam Fine's seminar on "Careers in Beauty" and stood in line for an hour just to gain some of his knowledge and see him work up close and personal.

First off, WOW. Talk about preaching to the choir. He was so refreshing to listen to. Sam mentioned the good and the bad side of the industry, and I really liked that he mentioned that IT IS OK to say NO to a job that doesn't suit you or make you happy. Sam also mentioned that everything you do, from facebook to simply talking to people, is a market of you. EVERY thing he mentioned was full of humble wisdom and I was so proud to be there.

He was selling his dvd, but the line was WAY too long. Just going to get it later at Borders. I noted that he likes to stipple the face with sponges and stipples heavily around the under eyes. That's a new technique for me, because I typically stipple with my fingers and/or a brush to create a similar effect. What also surprised me was the few products he used to create a flawless canvas. Sam also mentioned he had an art background so makeup was second nature to him. What an inspiration!

I'm undecided whether I will go the second day because I spent enough money!! But I had A LOT of fun. I will be there next year :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jennifer Avello

Jennifer Avello is a breath of fresh air in the Chicago scene. Her photography is so versatile; going from commercial to fashion to beauty. Not only has she completed her BFA in photography, but she is extremelly passionate about her craft; her talents come from the heart. I notice she doesn't plan her shoots, she just goes with the flow between studio to outdoors work. She's just fun to watch! Here are a few shots I created with her as well as a few awesome talents.

Photographer: Jennifer Avello
Behind-the-Scenes Photographer: Benjamin Bibriesca
Model: Shaina | Factor Women
Stylist: Ella Gomez
Asst. Stylist: Fernando de Velázquez
Hair: Dee Desalu
MUA: Andrea C. Samuels

Group Shot of the team!

Another group shot! And me not paying attention of course.

AND our work is also currently featured in VOGUE.IT.
Woot, woot!