Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jennifer Avello

Jennifer Avello is a breath of fresh air in the Chicago scene. Her photography is so versatile; going from commercial to fashion to beauty. Not only has she completed her BFA in photography, but she is extremelly passionate about her craft; her talents come from the heart. I notice she doesn't plan her shoots, she just goes with the flow between studio to outdoors work. She's just fun to watch! Here are a few shots I created with her as well as a few awesome talents.

Photographer: Jennifer Avello
Behind-the-Scenes Photographer: Benjamin Bibriesca
Model: Shaina | Factor Women
Stylist: Ella Gomez
Asst. Stylist: Fernando de Velázquez
Hair: Dee Desalu
MUA: Andrea C. Samuels

Group Shot of the team!

Another group shot! And me not paying attention of course.

AND our work is also currently featured in VOGUE.IT.
Woot, woot!