Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dana Scruggs

So, I really like this girl.
Dana Scruggs.
I guess because she kind of reminds me of me in some ways, but then I also like the way she works. Dana is a stylist from LA but currently resides in Chicago. Not only is she spiffy with clothing, but she's a photographer too! She's professional, she knows EXACTLY what she wants, she knows how she wants it, and what to do to make the outcome of the model look complete from head to toe. I like Dana! And we have worked together a few times this spring. Here are a few shots of the awesome-ness we created.
Look, look, look!

Model: Rikki | Ignite Models
Photographer & Stylist: Dana Scruggs
Makeup & Hair: Andrea C. Samuels

Also, our work is featured in Ignite Model Management's Blog! Yaaayyyy!! :)

Model: Angela The Muse
Photographer & Stylist: Dana Scruggs
Hair: Starr Knight
Makeup: Andrea C. Samuels


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