Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Backstage With Pat McGrath Instagram Contest

Backstage With Pat McGrath 
Instagram Makeup Contest

If you have not read my previous blogs or seen my work from years ago, Pat McGrath is a huge inspiration behind a lot of the makeup looks I create. She is the top makeup artist in the world and I hope to be at least 10% more like her as I grow into my artistry every day. Two months ago, Pat announced that she was looking for a few new artists to add to her makeup team:

Soon as I saw her announcement, I nearly had a heart attack. I was excited, then nervous, then excited again. I rose to the challenge and attempted to re-create one of her most difficult and tedious runway looks to this day: 
Alexander McQueen FW2014 Show

I teamed up with one of my favorite photographers: Kris Lou + Erik Robert
They are a traveling photography duo that work so well together; they have been doing photography for only two years so far and they create ideas and visions of fashion photography light years ahead of their time. 

I showed them my idea for the Pat McGrath contest entry and they expanded upon it by providing perfect wardrobe to compliment the makeup with amazing creative direction for our shoot to flow smoothly. Kris and Erik had bigger ideas than I envisioned for this project and I thank them for pushing me to believe in myself and go all out for Pat McGrath.  

So far, Pat has liked and commented on the very first image we submitted for the contest:

Here's a look at the final images we chose as the best of the best to showcase our work collectively. Pat McGrath's contest ends December 31st, keeping my fingers crossed! In the meantime;


Photographer + Wardrobe | Kris Lou + Erik Robert 
Model | (9 Years Old) Paige of Ohlsson MGMT
Model | Jessica LaRusso of Ford Models
HMUA | Andrea C. Samuels - under the direction of Pat McGrath (makeup) and Guido Palau (hair) 


  1. Wow, these images are simply amazing! Great blog post. Thanks for sharing! Tailor Lynn

  2. Great post, Andrea! I hope you win it-you deserve to!