Saturday, June 29, 2013

Damaris Aguiar + 10 Photos

This is the lovely Damaris Aguiar.

She is Miss Cuba 2012 and is also the current Miss Universal Petite 2013.

This girl is such a sweetheart and full of energy on set! Damaris usually has commercial or sexy themed photo shoots in Miami, so we wanted to make her look more street. Take a look at the awesome-ness photographer 10 photos and I created together when Damaris came to Chicago a few weeks.

Photographer | 10 Photos
Makeup + Hair | Andrea C. Samuels
Wardrobe | PRSVR


10 has a very unique camera that creates one image into a three dimensional mini flipbook.
I have NEVER seen anything like this before, it's super amazing. 
Take a look!>>

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