Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cycle 15 ANTM Winner: Ann Ward!

So this is the NEW winner of ANTM.

Ann Ward.

I'm not hatin' and I'm not mad about it! Ann cleaned up pretty well. Have you seen her BEFORE pictures???



At first, I was thinking 'WHY DID TYRA CHOOSE HER?? She can't TALK OR WALK???!!"

*whispers* I seriously hope they give her walking lessons :-/

Even though Ann's body is lanky and 'unproportionate', I realized she represents how a lot of young girls are: insecure, unproportionate, unique, don't fit in with the 'normal' standards of beauty, but they could break the mold and re-define what true beauty is! I'm glad Tyra stepepd out of her box and chose someone unique.
This may shape and change the image of 'beauty'.

I'm proud of Ann!


  1. She is lanky, akward, etc...but she photographs extremely well! 90% of modeling work is photography. How often do they walk compared to shoot? Grant it, a TOP model should have the complete package.

  2. Jabari: For a model to walk, it depends on how well they get booked. The winner of the show was for who would be the most photogenic for Vogue Italia, not the best walker. It would have made sense if Ann had the total package compared to the past winners of this show, but oh well.