Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 1 | Ivana Helsinki SS2014


September 4th, 2013

Ivana Helsinki was the first runway show I worked in for the SS2014 season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

 I arrived early and witnessed the production team still setting up lighting, cameras and equipment inside of Pier 59 Studios

 I was beyond eager, pumped up and ready to work!

Ivana Helsinki is a fashion designer from Finland. Ivana is the middle name of the designer, Paola Suhonen, and Helsinki is the town where she is from. Ivana is the first designer from Finland to show her collection at Paris Fashion Week.


Makeup was sponsored by AJ Crimson Beauty, skincare was sponsored by Beauty Blender and Embryolisse

Makeup artist Sir John Barnett executed the look for the show.

Let me just tell you all I had a heart attack when I found out I would be watching Sir John paint the faces of the runway models; I was literally shaking from excitement and nerves the whole time! Sir John has assisted Pat McGrath and Charlotte Tilbury; his client list includes Beyonce', Paula Patton, super models Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss.

After 30 minutes, this was the look Sir John created for Ivana Helsinki's show: 
- Glossy skin
- Illuminated cheeks with TOM Ford highlighter
- No mascara
- Clean, spiked brows
- NARS velvet lip pencil in "Train Bleu" as the base lip color
- MAC kohl lip pencil in "Smolder" in the center to create a reverse ombre' lip.


Sir John used his hands for 95% of the look; he used the palms of his hands to melt the makeup into the skin, he also used a wet beauty blender to seamlessly blend the foundation into the skin, and he used his fingers to apply the lip color. The one and only time Sir John used a brush was for the highlighting. 
My mind was BLOWN.

Nails were done at the same time as hair and makeup.


For the first model, I was pumped up and I really thought I got the look down after watching Sir John.

Photo by Chip Kennedy

We were given an hour to complete the 18 models. When pressed for time, I get in the zone. I worked fast, a little TOO fast, for my first model. So I showed Sir John my first model, I had my chest puffed out because I really thought I did the damn thing.

Sir john looked at my model, then looked at me, then looked at the model, squinted, and said,

"I see your finger print, blend better. Lips are not correct. Do it again."

On the outside, I was cool as a cucumber and said, "Thank you!' 

On the inside, I DIED.

So I re-did the models makeup again and I really took my time.

Third time, Sir John said, "Perfect."

For my second model, I finished everything except her lip. Sir John pulled myself and a few other artists to the side and asked us to start 'glossing' the models skin with Embryolisse, and cover tattoos, and/or give touch ups for the models.

Here is the show:


Photos by fagroupblog.com

Here is the Video of the Runway:

Here's a closer look at the first model I worked on.

Here's a closer look at the second model I worked on.

Photo by ivillage.com

And super model Sessilee Lopez came back stage to congratulate AJ Crimson and Ivana Helsinki for an amazing show. She smized for me!

After looking at all the pictures in my phone, I was in such a shock over everything that happened within four hours. I had an amazing experience!!

Photos by stylebistro.com and my instagram


  1. So, I'm reading your recent blog posts and I have become inspired. I've never "really wanted" to participate in Fashion Week (as I have always looked upon it as just another trade show). However... your posts made me consider otherwise and think of FW in a new light. ( I especially loved the part where you describe having done a model's makeup and presented your masterpiece, with chest puffed out, to the lead makeup artist... Only to be told to go back and do the makeup 2 times more before it was *perfect*. Lol, I can just see myself being that girl!) I truly love to learn when it come to makeup, and experiences like that are both humbling and amazing all at the same time. And... even when they have told you your makeup presentation is not quite up to par, being directed by some of the best MUAs in the business is priceless.
    *I may just challenge myself to be invited to Fashion Week one day!*
    Thx Andrea Samuels!

    1. Thank you sooooo much Ms.Deirdra! I appreciate your kind words, you should definitely be there next year!

  2. This was very cool to read my dear!!! I am still oh so very happy for you... I know that experience had to be Amazing!! #SupercheesyGrin

    1. Hey Amy!! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, I appreciate you!!