Monday, September 9, 2013

1883 Magazine | Sweet & Sour Issue

1883 is a popular fashion magazine based out of the UK, so I was extremely excited when photographer Jennifer Avello told the team that our story got noticed by this publication.
Female MC Iggy Azalea is on the cover of this months 'Sweet & Sour' Issue.

For the "Mind Your Manor" story, myself, wardrobe stylist Brandy Kraft and Jennifer Avello came up with literally hundreds of ideas, images, inspiration for model Kel of Factor Women. For hair and makeup, I didn't have a clear idea of what I really wanted to do until the day before the shoot after I looked up my number one most inspiring makeup artist: Pat McGrath

The team wanted Kel to have white hair, but we were all undecided on whether we wanted to go with a  wig or go with her natural hair. It wasn't until I saw the behind the scenes images of model Magdalena in the Givenchy FW2013 show on Pat's instagram when the inspiration hit me instantly.

I didn't want to take the 'easy way out' and throw a wig on model Kel, and I really wanted to experiment with Kel's hair for the story, so this image helped inspire me to push my hair skills to another level. I didn't want to completely mimic the pin curl style created by hair stylist Luigi Murenu, but I loved the painterly texture in the hair. 

Myself with the help of assistant Ashley Johns created the hair on Kel within two hours using Ben Nye "Snow White" to create a finger wave style with the hair dye.
I purchased it at Beatnix in Chicago!

It was a MESSY process, and other than practicing on myself, I never worked with this product before. I really didn't know what I was getting myself into, but I knew I had to take a risk and give it a try. My assistant Ashley was absolutely amazing and stayed by my side the whole time, she was very patient, innovative, quick and was a complete sweet heart during the whole shoot.

<< Here's a closer look at the texture in the hair >>


For the makeup, I wanted the hair to be the main focus. I wanted her brows, lashes, and skin to be completely white, but to represent fall, I wanted her lips to have a heavy color. 
Kelly's brows and lashes are coated with Inglot AMC Gel Liner #76 White.

I played around with Nars Train Bleu as the base color and my trusty good old Inglot lipstick #409 as the matte red color to coat Kelly's lips.

Overall, I was really pleased, happy and proud that I tried something completely new and stepped out my comfort zone.

This is what I encourage all artists to do:
Surprise yourself.
Try something new.
Make mistakes.
Take a risk.
Get messy.

By just taking a leap of faith, this is how some of your greatest achievements can be accomplished.

Here is the full nine page editorial,

"Mind Your Manor"

Head to:

to view more photos from our fall story!


 Photographer | Jennifer Avello
Wardrobe | Brandy Kraft of Artists by Timothy Priano
HMUA | Andrea C. Samuels of Black Board Group
Model | Kelly of Factor Women
HMUA Assistant | Ashley Johns
Photo Assistant | Luke Schneider




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