Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stan Malinowski

This past Sunday, April 3rd, I was able to work with one of the most amazing photographers in fashion history. Just google his name and you can see Stan's amazing work yourself. Stan is full of smiles, sweet, nice, and gets straight to the point when he's shooting.

The stylist, Ruben Lopez, informed me of the shoot and the whole team brought their A Game. The shoes, jewelry and designs he brought to set were absolutely one of a kind, full on couture, high fashion madness.

Here are a few Behind-The-Scenes photos shot by myself, Ruben's assistant Crystal Mendez, designer Paul Sisti, and random camera phone shots from other people:

The jewelry pieces were absolutely stunning.

These heels were 10 INCHES. OMG.

Stan & his assistants were setting up lights and equipment.

This was the first look I created for model Katie. Simple, clean, with a hot pink liner on her lower lash line to match her hot pink heels.

This was the first look I created for model Joni. I was really inspired by these thigh high gold boots Ruben put her in for the first look. I created a heavy, smokey brow that extended down to her nose, a dash of gold glitter underneath her brows and topped it off with a classic matte black lip.

The first looks completed before they hit the camera.

Joni was giving sooooo much life to the outfit. She worked every single angle possible.


The second look was inspired by Shu Uemera's new spring line. I wanted to try pastel colors for a fresh, spring look to balance with the outfit she was wearing.

These pictures don't do any justice to how absolutely stunning the dress was in person. It was so vibrant, ornate, and beautiful. Katie did a suberb job of showing off the garment while giving a very classy, elegant, regal appeal from head to toe.

From another angle...

The TEAM working on Katie's third look created by JuJu LaCour

The third look inspired me of The Joker meets Alexander McQueen. I blocked Katie's eyebrows and extended the smokey eye outward to give her an 'evil' appearance. She looked like a COMPLETELY different person.

This was the 4th and final look for the models. Makeup artist Christie was working on Joni for the remainder of the looks and we worked it out until 2am!!

The final outfits were created by designer JuJu LaCour. He is TALENTED.

Pictures coming sooooon!!

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