Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pat McGrath Spring 2011 Beauty Trends

So, I love this lady.

^This lady right here^

She is everything I wish to be and more.

Ms. Pat gives me so much hope that I can also be one of the TOP makeup artists working for clients like Dior, Vogue, Louis Vuitton and D&G just to name a few. Ms.Pat is a self taught artist and just goes with her instincts; she has CREATED plastic makeup and the most beautiful looks anyone has ever seen down the runway. At 41, you have to have some serious RESPECT for this woman.
She goes hard.

Pat mentioned the possible trends in makeup we ought to look out for this Spring. These are the looks she created for Dior's Spring 2011 collection:

-Matte Eyeshadow

-Bold Lips in Fuschia, Red, and hot, hot Pinks

-Very 1940's, vintage inspired cat eyeliner with a fusion of 1980's hot colors

-Thick, lightly colored brows

"It's a return to that old-fashioned sense of glamour,"
- McGrath.

I'm more of a neutral girl myself, but I may take a swing on this look when I head out to fashions shows and what not.

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