Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nuri Kharah

Nuri Kharah is a very cool photographer! She has a good spirit, she's very kind, and she has a really genuine passion for photography.

The first time I worked with her was this past summer. We found each other on facebook then decided to do a test shoot with a friend of mine, Jonilyn, in Millenium Park. It turned out really cute and we all worked very quickly together! When Nuri knows what she wants, she shoots it and she's done. Nuri wastes no time and edits her photos very fast!

We got to work together again a January 2nd, 2011 with model Aneta and her husband.
Aneta was a really great model! While I was doing her makeup, we got to talk about her marriage, her career, Nuri's wedding dress, a lot of random topics!

Here are a few shots from the shoot. These came out so cute!

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