Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Glamour UK | October 2014

This is one of the many reasons why I stress the importance 

of testing to every artist I know, you never know who, what or 

where it could lead you to! 

This was a test with Jennifer Avello Photography and model 

Lori from two years ago. Who would have known this image

 would have been picked out for the GLAMOUR UK October


You cannot tell from Lori's happy smile but we were in the 

freezing rain trying to get this shot. Our model was shivering 

cold and I literally held a plastic bag over Jennifer's head so 

her camera could stay dry. I ran back and forth repeatedly to 

keep Lori's makeup and hair perfect for every other shot. 

People walking down the street looked at us like we were

 crazy but it did not matter to us, this shot was just that 

important for us to complete.

Absolutely Insane.

Extremely proud of you Jen! 


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