Monday, March 5, 2012

America's Beauty Show 2012 | March 4th, 2012

I had the opportunity to work as one of the artists for Vidal Sassoon on Sunday, March 4th at America's Beauty Show for 2012. I was SO excited!!!! Not only to work at ABS but I also got to work along side a few amazing artists:
, Frances, Keana, Nakia, Kerre, Carly, and many more.

The day started for me around 7:55am.

Soon as I arrived, Kat led the way and we were instructed to start makeup immediately!
I really enjoy the rush from fashion shows, so it was fun to adjust to the fast pace for Vidal Sassoon.

The first look was very clean and simple for the cutting demonstrations.
Silver eyeshadow with silver glitter on top, peach cheeks, and peach matte lips.
This was my first model:

The 2nd look called 'Rebellious', which I didn't get a chance to take a photo of. This was the look: deep red eyeshadow, heavy black eyeliner, and nude lips. I think Kat did the makeup for this model with hair stylist guru from the UK, Mark Hayes:

We proceeded to the 3rd look, which was called "Sweetness"
I LOVED the color combination for this look! Metallic green eyeshadow, pink cheeks, pink glossy lipstick. This was my third, and favorite, model:

They were dressed in pastel outfits and patent leather heels. Very 1960's era. I LOVED it.

4th look, I was assigned to create the 'Hippie' so I was asked to add small flowers to the models face to create the mood for the models' 1960's inspired look. She was also the opening model for the late morning runway:

During our break, we ate lunch, watched the fashion show for a bit and we got to shop around.

I'll do a makeup haul of the products I purchased in the next post ;-)

The final look was SO STUNNING. It was my favorite look: Black smokey eye winged out on the edge, deep blue glitter in the middle of the eye, contoured cheeks, pale skin and plum lips. I don't think I ever would have thought to create this color combination, but it looked so stunning on the final models. I was so proud of the team for beating these faces!!!
I got to work with my favorite model again:

Around 8 pm-ish, we were whipped, tired, beat down, our bones were popping and cracking, our brushes and faces were full of glitter, eyes were saggy and tired, but we were DONE!!!!

I was literally dragging my feet trying to make it home on Sunday, but I was still so very excited and happy that I was part of the show.

More photos coming soon!!

photography by David Anthony & my camera phone

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