Tuesday, March 27, 2012

3rd Annual Rock The Red Pump


For three years in a row, I have had the opportunity to work with the lovely ladies of The Red Pump Project. I've watched them grow and florish over time and this year they did not cease to amaze. For March 2012, they brought on producer Benjamin Cottrell Designs. They presented a beautiful array of local Chicago designers as well as a wonderful array of models in different sizes and different cultures working the runway. Kim Coles was the host and she gave the audience laughter, wisdom, and spiritual advice about life.

Dee Desalu was the key hair stylist and brought on her team to give the models a chic hairstyle. Team Crystal-Eyez, Freedom MUA Wright, and I worked together to beautify all the models within a short time frame. I ended up working on 15 models as well as doing a quick makeover on Freedom MUA Wright's eyes within two hours and 30 minutes.

I just came from a 6 hour drive earlier that day so I was extremelly TIRED!!!! My energy was gone, but I was still so very excited to be there and support the cause. :)

Here are a few shots of the models I did makeup for walking down the runway.
Photography by NowYouKnow Events, Cadence Gamache, Richard Christenson, Chuckstr and many more.

Designer: CLEONS




Designer: GOCA


Designer: Boriss Powell


Designer: Studio Alade




After the show, a LOT of people asked me, "How did you work so fast???"

I will show you how in my next blog :-)

How To Work Faster Under Pressure!

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