Monday, September 12, 2011

Pen Liquid Liners

So I've really been getting into these pen liquid liners that are pretty 'new' in a few cosmetics lines. They are SO easy to apply and great for beginners as well as seasoned artists learning to create a cat eye. Here is my review on a few I have tried out these last few weeks:

Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner
Black | $6.99
Grade: D+

I don't know if the one I purchashed was a defect, but this one did not turn out well at all. In advertisements, it claims to be 'smudge-proof' and 'provides precise control with no skipping or pulling.'
Lies. All lies.

I cannot create a perfect thin line with this one and I attempted many, many tries on different textures. It skips, it smudges, and the 'black' color is not really black, it's more of a charcoal color on my skin tone. On smooth paper, it still skips. I got irritated with it very quickly and refuse to use this on anyone.

I REALLY love Milani products, but this particular eyeliner just wasn't working for me. :(

L'Oreal Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner
Black Mica | $7.99
Grade: B+

This is not bad.
In advertisements, it states, "...richly pigmented liquid eyeliner with a felt tip that can make a precise line or a wide wash of color. Color lasts up to 8 hours without fading. No fragrance."

This is true. For people with sensitive skin, I highly recommend this. The felt tip that they use has a slighlty bumpy texture, which makes the line of your cat eye slightly bumpy as well. If you are like me and you want a CLEAN, PRECISE line for eyes, I would not recommend this. I have used this product to create a quick smokey eye by lining the eyes really quickly, then smudge it with a shadow brush. Other times, I use this liner as my 'base', then go on top of it with a cleaner felt tip line. This does work for weddings, it's quite durable.

I actually just used it this past weekend on a bride, Sylvia, for her wedding as a 'base' line, then went on top with another liner. I don't have any close up shots yet, but the black pigment shows up very BLACK in pictures, which I really love.

Maybelline Line Stilletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Liner
Black | $4.99
Grade: A+

This one is really good AND affordable.

I used it for this shot with photgrapher Escalante.

The black color is a true black in person and in photos. The felt tip they created for this liner is VERY clean; no bumps, no textures. I'm pretty sure the felt tip was made of silicone or some type of synthetic fabric because it has a really nice dome, rounded shape and a super thin line on the end which helps create the perfect thin or thick line for you. The formula they used for the color doesn't smudge. It's really great. I do shoots, shows and events on a daily basis so this little bottle lasted me about 3 months, which actually is a good timing. After 3 months, it's completly dried out and it's time to buy a new one.

MAC Pen Ultimate Eye Liner
Black | $17.50
Grade: A-

This one works almost as well as the Maybelline liner, but if you like to have nice labels in your kit, then sure, definitely buy this one.

The MAC liner smudges a bit, but it is durable. This one dries out at random times; for example: If I am in the middle of finishing my cat line, the color disappears, so I tend to to have to re-do my line a few times with this liner so it looks complete from end to end. Works strange sometimes, but it does the job.

So, those are my reviews!
If you have more questions, please feel free to ask me :)

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