Sunday, May 15, 2011


This is an acrylic painting I created a few months before the shoot. Assimilation was a shoot I have literally dreamed about since 2010, and after watching both the old and new school versions of TRON, I had to bring it to life.

Thank the lord for people like Katiria DeJesus.
After talking with numerous photographers about the concept I had in mind, she helped me to not give up on my concept and go full throttle on the creativity with a new team. Kat introduced me to photographer Nolis and visual artist extrodinare, Sheyssa B. Rosado.

I wanted to create a Tron-like mood to the shoot working with black lights and fluorescent makeup by Kryolan. In day light, the makeup looked subtle and completely different under black lights, so it was a little difficult to adjust to initially, but I got the hang of it after checking out the test shots.

We brought on board model Noelle Lynn and Natalie Bryant to complete the shoot. For Natalie, I painted her skin all black with Dinair Airbrush as well as cake paint by MAC. For Noelle, Kat created her to look the complete opposite of Natalie, so she made her skin pale with Dinair Airbrush and created the cleanest black lips I have ever seen.
Here are a few shots :)

- A S S I M I L A T I O N -

Model: Noelle
Photo: Nolis
Wardrobe: Sheyssa
MUA: Katiria DeJesus

Model: Natalie
Photo: Nolis
Wardrobe: Sheyssa
MUA: Andrea C. Samuels

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