Thursday, June 10, 2010


Anyone remember that social networking site called 'Myspace'?
So prehistoric, I know. So, I went on myspace today to take the dust of some things, see what I've been missing. I was updating my portfolio, adding pictures and checking out my blog and whoa....



I'm kinda impressed by this new feature they have... or it may be old by now. It's new to me.

There is a button called 'translate'. Whatever you've written, it can be translated into spanish, indonesian, chinese, japanese, thai, your words can translated into 41 other languages!! Wowwwwww!!

So here I am being a nerd, going through my blogs and translating everything. I'm so easily impressed, it's not even funny. I'm still smiling like this right now :D

For Example:
English: I'm surrounded by dumb assholes.
Russian: Я окружен немой жопу.

English: A woman is still a woman
French: une femme est toujours une femme

*screams* I LOVE THIS!!!

That's all :D

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