Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top 5 Mascaras!

These are the TOP 5 mascaras I have used so far. If I didn't mention a certain mascara, that means it didn't stick out in my memory. So here we go!


Define-A-Lash Waterproof Mascara by Maybelline: $7

This one is interesting. The wand is limp and rubbery, which worried me. Since it's so rubbery, I was afraid the wand would fall off but it never did. The packaging is bright lime, not the typical black or brown like most mascaras so it definitely caught my eye. I didn't expect volume since it's not advertised as a voluminous mascara. When I first applied it, I wasn't too impressed. After a few more tries, I liked it. For some reason, I like to go to sleep with mascara to see how well it holds on after I wake up. It wasn't flaky for me, which is great. It'll last after I dance for hours. It defines every single litle lash and it adds a little length. It's not my favorite since I LOVE volume, but it makes my eyes appear fresh. I give this a B-.


Dior Show Mascara by Christian Dior: $24

Over priced. It does the exact same as mascaras for much less than $15. I use it for photoshoots and fashion shows since the mascara wand is nice and fat. It adds volume, adds length, it's not bad at all. But again, it performs the same as the other mascaras for a less expensive price. I give this a B+


Maybelline Lash Stilleto: $8

This is the one I currently use now, I purchased it out of curiosity. It's not bad. It doesn't flake, it's not clumpy, very nice quality. I think the bristles of the mascara wand make my lashes look regular, it's one of those new, advanced rubbery wands. (Speaking of, what's the deal with all these rubbery wands? I think it's stupid.... helps define lashes but that's about it. Venting over.) It doesn't have that "OOmpf" factor... that 'Wow, look at those eyes!' factor.... but it's good. I give this an: A-


Bad Gal Lash by Benefit Cosmetics: $19

This is a good one. When I was working for Benefit, I noticed it was easy to apply, easy to sell, but hard to take off. This is key. At the end of the day, you don't want to rub, rub, rub over the thinest skin on your body. The impact on the lashes are great. Very voluminous, very lengthy, very girly. Bad Gal Lash is now offered in three new shades (brown, plum, and blue). The plum is unnecessary to me, the blue for some reason is a nice shade for most skin tones. I give this an A


The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara: $14

I love this one. When I was working for The Body Shop, I advertised the HELL out of this mascara. It seemed to be the only mascara that worked for all eye shapes and lash lengths. This is key! A majority of the ingredients are natural and they've infused marula oil inside. Marula Oil has similar properties as Vitamin E. If you like volume, this is a really good one. It adds length, volume, va-va-voom quality, AND you don't need a lash curler!! It somehow naturally curls your lashes. CRAZY!! People always thought I was wearing false lashes, but nope, it was just a damn good mascara. The bristles are separted in a unique pattern which enhances the lashes and creates the illusion of bigger, longer lashes. It's a pretty good illusion too. A+


  1. I am JUST now running out of the one you gifted me for my bday & of course I've rubbed the label bare.

    Oooo I get to have a blast picking, TY!