Friday, September 19, 2014

K.Nicole SS2015 | Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

K.Nicole SS2015 Fashion Show at Pier 59 Studios

 Makeup was sponsored by Face Atelier 

The SS2015 look was created by this lady right here: 
DeShawn Hatcher.

First of all: 

I read her blog every month, her advice on the fashion industry is so golden and solid, she has really helped me throughout my budding career. I also follow DeShawn on Facebook, Instagram, pretty much everywhere. I've study her work for years, her creativity with color theory is absolutely incredible to me, she creates color combinations that I would never have thought to reproduce and there are a LOT of artists that mimic her style today. Deshawn is inspiring, one of the very few artists I really look up to... she's genius, genuine, talented and wise; I have the utmost respect for her!  I hope to be at least 5% more like her when I grow up. So when she announced she needed assistance for NY Fashion week I JUMPED to my email right away, messaged her, and kept my fingers crossed.

DeShawn replied back,
"Girl, I would love to have you on my team."

On September 11th, 2014, I was there:

- The team setting up -

- Lipsticks -

- Eyeshadows -

- MY KIT -

Before we started makeup, DeShawn gave us a brief demo of the makeup look:

- Nude, Glossy lids with a touch of bronze eye shadow in the crease and lower lid
- Clean brows, lightly groomed
- Glowing cheeks with dewy skin
- Lavender lipstick with illuminating, frosty FaceAtelier eyeshadow on top of lipstick

Hair was created by Key Artist Linh Nguyen, beach waves are IN for Spring/Summer 2015.

Here was my first model: 

It took me a while to understand what DeShawn was looking for with makeup, she was very specific about placement of eyeshadow and the direction of the blush as well as how much iridescent shimmer to use on the lips. Sometimes duplicating what the key artist wants is hard for other artists, especially if you are used to doing makeup a certain way; but this is why I adore fashion week; I learn new techniques and new ways of applying makeup from pro artists that I would normally never have the opportunity to work with. These are makeup lessons I could never learn on YouTube or on the Internet, these were life lessons that I would cherish forever. After about four times of me re-doing the models lips, adding more makeup to eyes, and toning it down in some areas, she said,

(Photos by Vivien Killilea for

My second model:

My third Model (left):

My fourth model: Ania Charlot 
I've worked with her once before and her skin is a DREAM.


  1. Your review and photographs are great! I enjoyed reading of your experience working with DeShawn Hatcher. I'm so happy you were able to meet and assist her! Great job, Andrea!