Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Elle Magazine USA | July 2014: Women In Tech

I had the amazing opportunity to work with these ambitious and driven women for Elle Magazine's "Women In Tech" fashion editorial. Here's a few photos I was able to capture behind the scenes from April 15th, 2014:

Breakfast was delicious!

Studio Black in San Francisco, California is massive; infinity walls covered 2/3rd of the room.

The wardrobe was absolutely insane, there were literally hundreds of options for the women to chose  from.  

Behind the scenes with Jessica Livingston, photographer J.R. and one of his assistants.

 I was grinning ear to ear as soon as I stepped on set. I was surrounded by professionals in jeans, t-shirts, and Chucks; I was the only one dressed in a suit. A majority of the crew walked up to me and said, "You're not from around here, are you?"

Here are the final selected photos I worked on for Elle Magazine's | Women In Tech:

Photographer | J.R. Mankoff
Wardrobe | Sarah Schussheim
Producer | Anthony Michael
Makeup | Andrea C. Samuels @ Black Board Group

Danae Ringelmann was a little nervous and camera shy. After a few wardrobe changes and adding a soft, bronze smokey eye to enhance her blue eyes, she grew comfortable with the whole process and eased into natural poses for J.R.

Here's one of my favorite women I was able to work on, Grace Woo. Grace was one of the youngest and most powerful women in the room but she started giggling like a little girl when she saw all the makeup, wardrobe, and hair products just for her. 

Genevieve Bell has a warm spirit, her smile literally lit up the room when she walked in. Ms. Bells' laugh is infectious; she was so genuine and sweet to the crew. As soon as I applied her false lashes, she threw on a pair of five inch Jimmy Choo heels and transformed in front of us all.

Padmasree Warrior was very daring with her makeover, she asked me to give her a bold red lip and allowed me to be an artist. Padmasree initially came on set only wearing mascara. Padmasree's skin was so flawless, her face was a dream to work on.

 Danika Laszuk was so easy going and carefree, I really loved her energy on set. Danika wanted to keep it simple head to toe, so she chose a gorgeous white gown from Alexander Wang and requested fresh, clean makeup for herself.

Once Jessica Livingston came on set, she knew exactly what she wanted and exactly how she wanted it: clean and simple hair and makeup with a signature black dress to compliment her natural style. 

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