Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tantalum Magazine

Check out this beautiful fashion story photographer Jennifer Avello, wardrobe stylist Marta Cebrat-Czernik and myself created on model Marta of Factor Women! I wanted to show you how you can achieve the same looks at home by sharing a few of the products I used.

Flower Power

Photographer | Jennifer Avello
Wardrobe Assistant | Hermina Chamnankit
The team was inspired by flowers, femininity and fashion, so I wanted to reflect an old Hollywood, glamorous mood with a modern twist for the hair and makeup. For this first look, I created classic, bow-shaped lips using Inglot Lipstick #409.

The eyeliner used was also Inglot!
My trusty, go to jet black gel eyeliner #77 mixed with Inglot's mixing medium: Duraline.
Together, these two create the best jet black, water proof, long lasting, pigmented eyeliner I have ever used. These two products by Inglot were recently voted as
 "The Best Melt-Proof Makeup" in the July 2013 Issue of Vogue India.
 I was a huge fan of Inglot for this story!
To create longer lasting curls, I used Bed Head Masterpiece Massive Shine hair spray before, during and after curling each section of hair with a 1" barrel curler from Hot Tools.
This is my most favorite hair spray EVER; it has the most amazing fragrance and it holds curls for hours.  I then pin curled each section and secured them with bobby pins. I let the curls set for about 45 minutes while doing Marta's makeup.

The Bed Head hairspray holds curls on all hair textures very well. 'Masterpiece' doesn't weigh the hair down and it helps you sculpt the hair through out the day; or in my case, through out the shoot. Marta's natural hair is waist length, so I created an illusion of shorter hair by doing a reverse victory roll on the ends of the hair.
I pinned and tucked her hair for two reasons: 
- To help show the details of the garments better
- To create a more structured, sleek look for the mood of the shoot

The pink lip color was a mix of 5-6 different lipsticks and lip glosses, so I honestly don't remember every product I used. This is the fun part about being an artist, you can mix the colors to your liking until you get the right tone to set the mood. I wanted Marta's lipstick to mimic the flowers surrounding her, so I mixed the lipstick colors I had until I had the exact pink hues as the arrangement on set.
 As soon as Marta dressed Marta in the amazing couture hats by Arturo Rios, I knew I needed to choose a lip color to balance out the colors and the drama of the head piece, yet be fashion forward.

I chose a deep, chocolate lip color called, "Cherry Chocolate" by Bobbi Brown, which looked like cookies and crème next to the wardrobe.

I fell in love with this lip!


Read the interview from the team and view more of this amazing story at the link below! 

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