Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY Lipstick Palette

I am in LOVE with The Container Store


This store is THE go-to place for every artists organizing needs. I always head to the store on North Ave in Chicago, IL. I'm pretty sure I could be an employee there because I know the store a little TOO well. 

I wanted to show you all how you can use one of their unique containers for your benefit. There is a section of The Container Store with tiny, random containers. They are very inexpensive, between .50 to $8, depending on the size, color and style you choose.  

So I found this container for $2.99. 

It's flat, wide, and perfect for any kit. It will keep all your lipsticks in order!
So I took this home, cleaned it out, and grabbed all my random Maybelline, MAC, and Inglot lipsticks in tubes.

I used a spatula wand to scoop out all the product from the lipstick tube, then used a q-tip to smooth the surface of the lipsticks.

If you want your lipsticks to look smoother, I would microwave it for 8-10 seconds.

If you like, you can label your lipsticks on the back of your palette with a label maker, permanent marker, or whatever floats your boat! I personally like my palettes to look clean and simple, so I chose to not label this palette. 

This is one of the fun parts of working in your passion, re-organizing and re-thinking how to save space for yourself is not a chore! I'd love to see what your custom palettes look like when you finish.


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