Thursday, May 31, 2012

Samantha Hylla

I have been working with a lot of amazing talents from Columbia College lately; Samantha Hylla is one of Columbias' new BFA Graduates of 2012. Sam and I have been testing together since summer 2011 and she has been on a roll! Samantha has a very whimsical, innocent, and sweet approach to fashion. Sam likes to plan things very precisely by working with numerous story boards and illustrations while on set. Sam has a head strong approach to executing her ideas from paper to reality and it is really fun to watch her unfold her passion into life. Here are a few images we created together for the past few months.


One of our very first test shoots together from July 2011:
Photo + Edit: Sam Hylla
Model: Ericka
Hair/MUA: Andrea C. Samuels
Stylist: Ella G Ber

"Falling in Tecnicolor"
Photo + Edit: Samantha Hylla
Model: Isabella of Factor Women
Hair/MUA: Andrea C. Samuels

Her images made the advertisements for Columbia College's BA + BFA Manifest Photography Exhibit for 2012

"Once Upon A Time..."
Photo + Edit: Samantha Hylla
Model: Alyssa of Factor Women
MUA/Hair: Andrea C. Samuels
Wardrobe Stylists: Elena & Becky

A few Behind the Scenes photos I took:

Behind the Scenes Video:

Please support and check out the amazing 2012 graduate of Columbia College: Samantha Hylla

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