Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Know Your Worth

An aspiring makeup artist posed a question about 'not feeling worthy' of having the title of 'make up artist' because she felt she didn't have enough experience. So what I told her is what I'd like to tell anyone aspiring to be a makeup artist, or aspiring to be anything but they doubt them selves. I've had those same doubts before, it took me some time to muster up some courage and get real with myself and what I ultimately wanted to do with my life.
So this is what I honestly feel:

If ______ is what you truly want to do and you have the passion for it, start now because opportunities are passing you by while you sit there doubting yourself.

If you take this business seriously, you gotta have people start thinking of YOU seriously and get professional. Even if you don't 'feel' worthy of the title of what you want to become, start thinking positive.

Get your confidence up.

For makeup artists, start doing test shoots to practice on different face shapes, different eye shapes different skin tones, different skin textures. For any other profession, start practicing your craft now.

Practice makes Perfect.

Educate yourself!

Better your self

Free work is ok from time to time as you start out but don't do it ALL the time or else people will take advantage of you. Even if you're doing something for a friend or family member's party, wedding, prom, etc: Charge them! If you needed money to purchase the products you use, you need money to replenish it.
Don't be shy when it comes to your money and your business, don't cheat yourself!

It may take a little time but you'll be alright.

Experience is the best teacher, and you may need a little more experience to get a better understanding of your worth and your time and your talent.

If _________ is what you really want to do, don't block your blessings.

You only have one life to live.

You gotta go for it!

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